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The stepped-up basis loophole lets the wealthiest Americans inherit fortunes without paying a penny in capital gains tax—a massive subsidy that perpetuates the racial wealth gap and inequality. @DorothyABrown  is right: we need to close this loophole.

Labour will close a tax loophole that lets super-rich private equity fund managers get away with not paying their fair share of taxes. It’s wrong that working people are being hammered while private equity fund managers don’t have to pay a penny more.

It’s not right that ordinary businesses working people are hit by a jobs tax, but private equity fund managers won’t pay a penny more tax on their large bonuses. Labour will end the unfairness in the tax system, protect businesses and boost our economy.

There have been nine RBs drafted in Round 1 over the last five years. Could argue all except CMC were egregious picks. * Najee Harris * Travis Etienne * Clyde Edwards-Helaire * Josh Jacobs * Saquon Barkley * Rashaad Penny * Sony Michel * Lenny Fournette * Christian McCaffrey

Silver Penny Financial's @CharlotteGelet1  details her journey buying her father's financial advisory firm in @MichaelKitces  ' #FASuccess  podcast. LISTEN:

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That’s why you pay Watt $80 million guaranteed. Worth every penny.


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Interesting that a pretty brutal assessment of Johnson’s failed leadership by Ed Davey greeted without the usual shouting push back from Tory benches. The penny is dropping that we have the worst possible PM at the worst possible time for Britain and the world

Guess who? *Didn't add 1 bed, ICU bed or ventilator in 6+ months *Ignored union govt alert *Last week as cases surged, stated "NO bed or O2 shortage" (began complaining 3 days later) *Not diverting a penny of huge ads ₹ for ventilators, O2 plant or vaccines, unlike other states

Not one penny more for these countries that hate us! I'm proud to support @realDonaldTrump !

Let’s be clear: if you make under $400,000 a year, you won’t pay a penny more in taxes under a Biden-Harris administration.

Penny Hardaway’s move is still filthy ? (via @NBA )

The CEO of JC Penny received a $4.5M payout just before the company filed for bankruptcy. Hertz doled out $16M to execs *after* the company declared bankruptcy. Chesapeake Energy is paying out exec bonuses ahead of an expected bankruptcy filing. More socialism for the rich.

Trump lied. China doesn’t pay 1 penny of Trump’s tariffs. All of Trump’s tariffs are paid by all Americans. @realDonaldTrump  now wants to send government $ to all Americans to pay for, among other things, Trump’s tariffs.

I want to debate, but I don't qualify because I've never taken a penny in contributions from anyone. Not even a "very small loan" of a million dollars.