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Trump suggests Ruth Bader Ginsburg's final statement was faked by Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer

Trump without evidence suggests Ginsburg's final statement was written by Schiff, Pelosi or Schumer

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"I don't know that she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff and (Chuck) Schumer and (Nancy) Pelosi," he said. #9News 

Trump on Fox on Ginsburg wanting the next president to appoint her successor: I don’t know if she said that or was it written out by Adam Schiff and Schumer and Pelosi...that sounds like a Schumer deal or maybe Pelosi or Shifty Schiff. That came out of the wind

President tells Fox News that the supreme court justice's wish to wait until after the election to replace her may have been "written by Adam Schiff, Schumer or Pelosi"

"I don’t know that she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff and Schumer and Pelosi."

Trump Suggests RBG's Dying Wish to Not Be Replaced Until After Election Was Written by Schiff, Schumer and Pelosi

Trump mocks RBG’s dying wish and claims it was invented by ‘Pelosi or Schumer’ #WallSt 


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Americans don’t like to be threatened. Nadler - “Expand the Supreme Court.” Schumer - “Nothing is off the table.” Pelosi - #Impeach  the President again. The Left has lost it. Follow the law and #FillTheSeat 

Pelosi and Schumer want Trillions of Dollars of BAILOUT money for Blue States that are doing badly, both economically and in terms of high crime, as a condition to making a deal on stimulus - But the USA is coming back strong!

Pelosi and Schumer only interested in Bailout Money for poorly run Democrat cities and states. Nothing to do with China Virus! Want one trillion dollars. No interest. We are going a different way!

So now Schumer and Pelosi want to meet to make a deal. Amazing how it all works, isn’t it. Where have they been for the last 4 weeks when they were “hardliners”, and only wanted BAILOUT MONEY for Democrat run states and cities that are failing badly? They know my phone number!

Pelosi & Schumer blocked desperately needed unemployment payments, which is so terrible, especially since they fully understand that it was not the workers fault that they are unemployed, it’s the fault of China!

Pelosi & Schumer have no interest in making a deal that is good for our Country and our People. All they want is a trillion dollars, and much more, for their Radical Left Governed States, most of which are doing very badly. It is called a BAILOUT for many years of bad Dem Mgmt!

Wow, just called! @TTuberville  - Tommy Tuberville WON big against Jeff Sessions. Will be a GREAT Senator for the incredible people of Alabama. @GDouglasJones  is a terrible Senator who is just a Super Liberal puppet for Schumer & Pelosi. Represents Alabama poorly. On to November 3rd.

Today people started losing their jobs because of Crazy Nancy Pelosi, Cryin’ Chuck Schumer, and the Radical Left, Do Nothing Democrats, who should immediately come back to Washington and approve legislation to help families in America. End your ENDLESS VACATION!

RT to tell Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to STOP blocking critical funding for small businesses. The Paycheck Protection Program is about to run out of money—millions of jobs are hanging in the balance. Congress MUST ACT!

My quick search for statements by Pelosi & Schumer condemning the violence, rioting, looting & arson finds nothing. As best I can tell, not a word. Their silence is shockingly irresponsible.  Biden's staff is donating to a group that funds the release of rioters.  Unbelievable.