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The Escalade is a true road-hazard: at 6.75' wide, it barely fits in a highway lane (or a driveway). As bad as it is to be in a car that gets hit by one of these things, pedestrians fare even worse: peds murdered by SUVs have soared 81% in ten years. 8/

@michaelsantoli  But it ended up being fine. That's the takeaway from our secretly ill POTUS study. Of course we haven't considered JFK and the stunning amount of PEDs giving him basically super powers (30 min at a time). He shared a Dr with Mickey Mantle.

Spoke to @stylebender  for the #HelwaniShow : We talked about: * The pectoral controversy and accusations that he is on PEDs * his post-fight celebrations * Jon Jones’ comments * His desire to fight again this year And much more. Enjoy:

After insisting Biden is senile and on PEDs, won't it backfire if he isn't literally either drooling or roid-raging at the debate? How does Trump's off-the-wall strategy of LOWERING Biden's expectations actually pay off? #Debates2020 

What kind of PEDs would Trump suggest I take to watch tomorrow’s debate, file a piece about it, and then record a podcast?

Just to recap: The incumbent president is now on camera two days ahead of his first debate accusing his opponent of being on PEDs This is like @nytmike  fan fic

"You can check out the internet," Trump says in further pushing unsubtantiated charge that Biden using PEDs.

The transition from Peds to Adult Care is a confusing time for #SCD  patients. I had no idea what to do or expect. My peds team was great, but I was given little info on how, what & where to start. There are few #SCD  Adult care clinics & that is still an issue. #SCData2020ata2020 

It’s amazing how Trump is explicitly accusing Biden of using PEDs and Kanye West is running an explicit third party spoiler campaign with the help of Republican operatives and it’s just kinda weird background noise


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Cops should have to piss in the cup too...some of them be high, drunk or on PEDs.

I took PEDs and I'm not proud of it..but people that think you can take a shot or a pill and play like the legends on that ballot need help.

Burfict has cost himself over $5M in eight years. $10K: Hit $21K: Hit $21K: Hit $25K: Twisting ankles $69K: Conduct $50K: Hit $500K: AB hit $75K: Stepped on Blount $12K: Conduct $1.4M: Hit $12K: Conduct $1.8M: PEDs $112K: AB/Conner hits $53K: Lowered helmet $1.2M: Head to head

Will Grier to transfer from FLA. He was suspended for testing positive for PEDs. (via @schadjoe  & multiple reports)

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Barry Bonds has been punished enough for PEDs and being a "bad guy." He belongs in the Hall. He was simply the greatest hitter and greatest player ever, and I had the privilege of covering the greatest stretch of his career in SF.

Breaking: Canelo Alvarez tests positive for PEDs, blames it on eating contaminated beef ? His fight with GGG is still on.

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BREAKING: Jenrry Mejia receives permanent suspension from MLB & MiLB after testing positive for PEDs for 3rd time.

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Asked a baseball executive if Hamilton’s discipline was for PEDs. His response: “Worse.” The executive declined to elaborate.

"I think you should be out of the game if you get caught." - Mike Trout, on PEDs in baseball (via @WFAN660 )