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The #BostonFed  updated its Paycheck Protection Program resources page to reflect the recent changes to the program. For more information and key things to know about current #PPP  funding, visit:

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From @EmilyRSiegel  and @lehrennyt  NBC News found 60 businesses that had been debarred, meaning told not to do business with the government, yet still received Paycheck Protection Program loans.

In addition to Paycheck Protection Program loans, there are several other funds businesses can apply to for financial assistance. The Pikes Peak Small Business Development Center helped explain their options.

A new round of the Paycheck Protection Program is available. If you’re a small-business owner and you want to take advantage of this financing, here’s what you need to know.

Many small employers in #Maine  have already given paperwork to lenders to submit for the 2nd round of the federal Paycheck Protection Program beginning Tuesday. That's going to be one crowded portal.

Join the BACP webinar on Tuesday, 1/19 at 3:00 PM about The Paycheck Protection Program and Other Emergency Funding Opportunities presented by the @SBAgov  / @SBA_Illinois  and @AccionUS ! Register:

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Businesses can access the Paycheck Protection Program through additional lenders starting Friday, then through any borrower starting Tuesday.​

FEDS 2021-003: Ten Days Late and Billions of Dollars Short: The Employment Effects of Delays in Paycheck Protection Program Financing via Fed

The Paycheck Protection Program is restarting, after Congress included $284 billion in new funding – giving the hardest-hit businesses a chance at a second loan, @StacyCowley  writes. Here’s what to know.

The Paycheck Protection Program is reopening to more Maine businesses on Friday. This comes after the first loan applications opened earlier this week:

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The House & Senate should IMMEDIATELY Approve 25 Billion Dollars for Airline Payroll Support, & 135 Billion Dollars for Paycheck Protection Program for Small Business. Both of these will be fully paid for with unused funds from the Cares Act. Have this money. I will sign now!

Just so everyone knows, Senate Democrats just objected to extending funding for the Paycheck Protection Program. More games keeping more workers from getting paychecks. #coronavirus  #covid19 

Every Senate Democrat just voted against hundreds of billions of dollars of COVID-19 relief. They blocked money for schools, testing, vaccines, unemployment insurance, and the Paycheck Protection Program. Their goal is clear: No help for American families before the election.

RT to tell Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to STOP blocking critical funding for small businesses. The Paycheck Protection Program is about to run out of money—millions of jobs are hanging in the balance. Congress MUST ACT!

I urge the Senate and House to pass the Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care Enhancement Act with additional funding for PPP, Hospitals, and Testing. After I sign this Bill, we will begin discussions on the next Legislative Initiative with fiscal relief....

Democrats are blocking additional funding for the popular Paycheck Protection Program. They are killing American small businesses. Stop playing politics Dems! Support Refilling PPP NOW – it is out of funds!

Here are the facts: ⇨ The Paycheck Protection Program is the only fund that is out of money. ⇨ Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the ones holding it up. ⇨ Small businesses and their employees will suffer because of it.

The Trump administration is withholding data on who got forgivable loans from the Paycheck Protection Program and for how much. The loans were meant for small businesses—not large, wealthy corporations. Those who abused the program must be held accountable. We need that data.

It’s been four days since the Paycheck Protection Program ran dry. Republicans have been trying to fund this job-saving program for over a week, but Democrats have blocked us. The Senate will meet again tomorrow. I hope my colleagues will finally let this help move forward.

The Paycheck Protection Program is up and running! The program is open to nonprofits as well, so banks be sure to sign up our Great Religious and Veteran Organizations that need help!