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Paul Krugman: Conventional analysis says what Janet Yellen said: If the stimulus proves bigger than needed, the Fed can keep things under control. If you’re asserting otherwise, think hard about why you’re saying that.

Nobel prize-winning economist Paul Krugman details the indicators he's watching for the first signs of an inflation shock

Looking through some old files I just stumbled across the tenure review I wrote a few years back for... Paul Krugman. Because universities have formal processes that apparently apply even when recruiting Nobellists. (I can reveal that it's the shortest review I've ever written.)

paul krugman'>Economist Paul Krugman explains why Biden's ambitious 'family plan' offers 'big returns' for the US

Who will pay for a rise in US corporate taxes? @rbrtrmstrng  with a great take on the debate between Andrew Smithers and Paul Krugman. (which I'd been meaning to write about myself, curse you Armstrong....) via @FinancialTimes 

'Conservatives beware': Paul Krugman explains why Biden's ambitions are a big threat to the GOP

‘The mantra on everyone’s lips is a blunt statement of Krugman’s position. Do not repeat the mistakes of the early Obama administration. Go large.’ @adam_tooze  on Paul Krugman:

NYT Columnist Paul Krugman Goes off Deep End With Latest Attempt at Gaslighting the BLM Riots

NYT Columnist Paul Krugman Goes off Deep End With Latest Attempt at Gaslighting the BLM Riots


Most relevant

Paul Krugman writes that Democrats never said Trump was an illegitimate president. In fact, numerous Democrats did, and Krugman himself agreed. Does the New York Times even try to edit its columnists?

Wonderful concision of Paul Krugman: " The US far-right long ago rejected evidence-based policy in favour of policy-based evidence

Since my election, many trillions of dollars of worth has been created for our Country, and the Stock Market is up over 50%. If you followed the advice of the Failing New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, you’d be doing VERY poorly - you’d be angry and hurt. He never got it!

Paul Krugman, of the Fake News New York Times, has lost all credibility, as has the Times itself, with his false and highly inaccurate writings on me. He is obsessed with hatred, just as others are obsessed with how stupid he is. He said Market would crash, Only Record Highs!

Paul Krugman is a lightweight thinker who doesn’t have a clue. Caused huge economic damage to his follower’s pocketbooks. He, and others, should be fired by @nytimes !

Paul Krugman has called me wrong from day one. People at the Failing New York Times are very angry at him for having “missed” by soooo much. Paul, match over!

Paul Krugman of @nytimes  has been wrong about me from the very beginning. Anyone who has followed his “words of wisdom” has lost a great deal of money. Paul, just concede the game, say I was right, and lets start a brand new game!

Paul Krugman: “At this point, you have to be a truly fanatical practitioner of bothsidesism not to see that Trump is every bit as terrible a human being and menace as some of us warned when all the cool kids were busy snarking about Clinton’s emails”

"Millions of Americans have just been sucker-punched. They just don't know it yet," Paul Krugman writes.