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@PatriotsNationn Who says I believe EVERYTHING the NFL says? Who says I believe what all 32 teams tell me?

@PatriotsNationn Did you ask me my feelings on DeflateGate? No. You just called me a hypocrite and assumed I agreed with the league.

@PatriotsNationn But how do you know what I believe? I simply told you that the NFL was investigating Manning. Via

@PatriotsNationn You don't get it. You have an agenda. They may to. I only told you what was reported. Not calling them a liar.

@PatriotsNationn The NFL has started to talk to the players in regards to the report. If there's nothing from Manning, then I'll believe it.

@PatriotsNationn I've dealt with the league for more than 30 years. Never had anyone call me a hypocrite like you did today.

@PatriotsNationn And just because you say something doesn't mean it's true. Got it? I certainly don't need lessons on life from you. Thanks

@PatriotsNationn By the way, I take everybody at their word. Even you...


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Good 4 you guys. God bless RT @JOHNBARELLI8 : @PatriotsNationn  Actually Brady has 4 now. That's called the legacy of dominance

Look for Hof tightends with Sb rings. I'm on that list. @PatriotsNationn : Hey@ShannonSharpe  I don't see ...

I'm in the club house with 3 rings and a gold jacket. Catch if you can. @PatriotsNationn : Knew you ...

Now go troll someone else CLOWN. @PatriotsNationn : Knew you would respond because you hate the patriots ...