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⚡️ “This PSW alleges she lost her job after raising patient care concerns”

Norway raises concern about Covid vaccines and patient age, after registering more deaths among elderly recipients via @business 

#COVID19 has transformed patient demand for how healthcare is delivered. Discover #AHRQ  plans to bring our brick-and-mortar models of delivery into the digital age

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#AHRQ 's Network of Patient Safety Databases Chartbook offers a national overview of non-identifie #patientsafety  information reported by Patient Safety Organizations nationwide. Read blog for more.

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Scheuneman described instances where baths for residents were recorded in patient documents, but never performed due to shortages in staff available for shifts. The Star spoke with a current and former employee; both agreed that this was the case.

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A spokesperson for Extendicare told the Star that Scheuneman’s dismissal was not related to the allegations she raised about patient quality of care. "It is important we make clear that these allegations are false.” Read full story from @_JennaMoon  :

COVID patient dies after breathing tube detaches, staff fails to notice in time

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon Who Died of COVID-19 Reportedly Caught It From Patient Getting Lip Procedure

Hero RAF veteran rescues cancer patient stranded in snow on way to hospital

In 2020, #AHRQ 's Patient Safety Network reviews shed light on relevant COVID-19 topics such as patient safety risk reduction, safety challenges for nursing home residents, and #telehealth  safety. Check out blog for details.

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The domestic gag rule is an attack on our rights. The White House has no business deciding what a doctor or nurse can say to their patient about legal medical procedures. RT if you agree.

In Spain, a taxi driver was known for taking patients to the hospital, free of charge. One day, he got a call to pickup a patient from the hospital. When he arrived, doctors and nurses surprised him with a standing ovation, plus an envelope of money. ES 🚕

President Trump is a public servant. He works for us. Or least that's the way it used to be. No one -- not a governor, not a doctor, not a patient -- needs to show their appreciation in order for him to do his job & help them. (BTW, no one forced him to take this job.)

a partner who accepts you for who you are, is patient and understanding with all your evolutions, but politely encourages your authenticity because they know the most uncensored version of you and they want you to retain it. that’s it. that’s the tweet.

Be patient, God is preparing new blessings for you.

The next several weeks may be some of the hardest we’ve faced as a country. From those on the front lines to those saving lives by staying at home, let’s remember to be kind to each other, be patient, and remember the power of our collective humanity, even when we’re apart.

Many people including the president are cheering news of HIV cure in 2nd patient. You know what happened? SCIENCE. Science isn’t a goal, it’s a process of knowledge. And it applies to vaccines, climate change, and the wonder of understanding our universe and natural world.

Guys thank you for being patient outside ! makes it a lot easier to take pics when everyone is calm!

MUST WATCH: Jazz sign 5-year-old cancer patient JP Gibson to 1-day contract, help him dunk during scrimmage. VIDEO: