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Check this out. Pass from Emma Ancelet. Basket by Cameryn Rector. Wow. End first: Danville 21, Tri-West 0

Celebrate the SF Chinese New Year Parade with us! Our BARTmobile will be at the parade, and what better way to say hello than by taking BART to the parade? The parade starts near Montgomery Station and will pass near Powell Station. Read our parade rider guide below! 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

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RQKAEGtBec Now, they wear suits and ties, give speeches, and pass laws in the halls of Congress. via *BeschlossDC Ku Klux Klan parade, Binghamton, New York, 1920s, displaying one of Klan's slogans of the time--"America First":

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What a filthy pass from Wardle to Robinson. 🤮 Want to see more plays like this? Turn on TSN+ or ESPN+ right now:

Weather conditions are rapidly changing over pass'>Lookout Pass. Be prepared for winter travel conditions into Saturday & please give yourself extra time. #idwx  #wawx 

After retiring from a career of helping his community, the community continues to give back to Grants Pass Fire Lt. Cory Fox.

Assemblywoman’s passionate plea helps pass law to help adoptees find their birth parents

We’re lucky to have a governor and Attorney General who are laser focused on keeping our communities safe. I'll continue fighting to ensure @GovMurphy  and @NewJerseyOAG  have the resources they need by working with my colleagues in the Senate to pass reasonable gun safety laws.

Snow is increasing over pass'>Stevens Pass. Be prepared for winter driving conditions if you are heading over the Cascades tonight. #wawx 


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The FBI colluded with Big Tech to censor the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and interfere in the 2020 election to stop Trump. Pass it on.

Let’s be 100% clear. If Republicans win control of the House, Senate and White House two years from now, they will pass a national abortion ban. And no matter where you live, no matter how pro-choice your state is, women and doctors will be locked up for practicing health care.

Whether for or against, please let your elected representatives know what you think about this $1.7 trillion spending bill that they’re trying to pass!

By “free speech”, I simply mean that which matches the law. I am against censorship that goes far beyond the law. If people want less free speech, they will ask government to pass laws to that effect. Therefore, going beyond the law is contrary to the will of the people.

Every day, this elderly woman says "hello" to school kids as they pass by her house. When they found out their beloved neighbor was moving, hundreds of kids left school to give her one last "goodbye."

97% of Americans believe that you should have to pass a background check before you buy a gun. RT if you're one of them.

Congress must pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of the land in this country NOW. And if there aren’t 60 votes in the Senate to do it, and there are not, we must end the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes.

Come hell or high water, Election Day is November 3. Pass it on.

The Democrat House wants to pass a Bill this week that will destroy our police. Republican Congressmen & Congresswomen will hopefully fight hard to defeat it. We must protect and cherish our police, they keep us safe!

American taxpayers spend $107,575,000,000 more on police than public housing. Pass it on.