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'Partygate...Covid care home scandal...the threat to the Good Friday agreement...the list goes on' - @adilray  Adil reads out a list of issues under the current government as he asks Paul Scully about the impact they had on the by-election result.

"My suspicion actually now is that ‘partygate’ is less of a factor with the voters, and what is more of a factor is their concern about the cost of living crisis.”

Whereas previously the whole Cabinet had rowed in behind the PM when he faced difficult headlines over “partygate”, this time it fell simply to the longstanding praetorian guard of Nadine Dorries, Conor Burns and Nigel Adams.

'This is a WORK event!': Glastonbury revellers wave partygate-themed flags ribbing Boris at music festival

Raab says ‘distraction’ of partygate to blame for two by-election defeats

'This is a WORK event!': Glastonbury revellers wave partygate-themed flags ribbing Boris

Lord Heseltine says: "The lies that persuaded people to vote for Brexit and the lies about partygate, all these things are now associated with the name of the Prime Minister." Latest: 📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

The partygate scandal has left a long hangover. Westminster is waking up to the news that Tory seats in both the ‘red’ and ‘blue wall’ have fallen... ✍️ Steerpike

From 'partygate' to 'porngate', the Tories have faced a bruising few months. Can they rebuild momentum? Join the discussion below👇


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Should Boris Johnson resign after #SueGray 's report into lockdown parties at Downing Street? #Partygate 

The Met Police has concluded its partygate investigation. James O'Brien responds with this monumental takedown of Boris Johnson's 'barefaced lies'. @mrjamesob 

Please retweet if you think that there needs to be a public inquiry in to the @metpoliceuk  handling of #Partygate 

'Did you lie at the despatch box, prime minister?' Our deputy political editor @SamCoatesSky  has been outside Downing Street asking the prime minister and his cabinet about partygate

In Downing Street there is a sense of injustice and considerable upset that the 126 Partygate fines have been levied disproportionately on women and junior officials. One source said: “the majority of [those fined] are very junior diary managers etc on 24k-ish and these fines…

Perhaps you thought the Conservative party took partygate seriously. Last night a champagne bottle signed by @BorisJohnson  was donated to a charity event in Hertfordshire by local MP and Tory party chairman @OliverDowden . Read the description.

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A rare, total silence in Commons as @Keir_Starmer  concludes his attack on @BorisJohnson  over Partygate. "It's what he does, it's who he is". Ministers v uncomfortable as he cites a widower whose wife died in pandemic. Arguably, Starmer’s best Commons performance of his career.

Someone in Conservative HQ saw the Partygate crisis and said: Let's announce we'll deport refugees to Rwanda to change the subject and divide the country. Just imagine being that morally debased.

Undermining rule of law and operating as tho rules don’t apply to those who make them has been a big part of PutinOrbanModiBolsonaroTrumpErdoganDuterteChavez autocrat playbook. Johnson is playing same game. Prorogation of Parliament. NI Protocol. Partygate. This is not trivial

Partygate is now in “you couldn’t make it up” territory. From @Telegraph ⁩

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