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The House passed the EQUAL Act to end federal sentence disparities for crack and powder cocaine. The current 100:1 system gives the same min. sentence for 500g of powder (more used by white people) and 5g of crack — causing disproportionate incarceration of Black users.

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Dialogue on Korean Peninsula situation must be broadened, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov said:

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Moscow authorities attempted to raid the Communist Party’s city headquarters Tuesday, minutes before a group of party lawyers was preparing to file a lawsuit to challenge controversial online voting results from last week’s parliamentary elections

Dr. Peter Bryce was the chief health inspector for the Department of Indian Affairs who, in the early 20th century, tried to alert the nation to the atrocious conditions in residential schools.

A judicial appointee by former Spokane Mayor David Condon is defending his seat on the bench against that administration’s director of multicultural affairs.

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Unvaccinated NYPD internal affairs officers could face demotion: report

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M3.0 #earthquake  (#σεισμός) strikes 17 km SE of #Ir ákleion #Greece ) 20 min ago. Effects reported by eyewitnesses:

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Felt #earthquake  #terremoto ) M2.9 strikes 27 km W of #Schio  #Italy ) 21 min ago. Please report to:

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"There will be choices we make that might not be perfect but that does not mean there won't be anything we can do" - Min Yoongi, The King at the UNGA

@TXT_bighit  members, #Yeonjun , #Taehyun , #Soobin , #Hueningkai , and #Beomgyu  are styled in Polo Ralph Lauren in the cover story of @firstlook_T 's Vol. 224 issue Fashion Editor: Min JiyeahPhotographer: Park HyungooStylist: Lee Aran Hair: Kim Seungwon Make-up: Han Areum

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Important story: A Florida officer who knocked over a seated protester just before a peaceful protest against police abuse turned violent has been reviewed by internal affairs for using force 79 times in his roughly three-and-half years on the force.

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Unfortunately I have been excluded from Parliament and disenfranchised by the new Parliamentary voting system. Medical advice is for me to stay at home, and where we had a perfectly workable remote voting system Jacob Rees Mogg has chosen to scrap it so his PM looks better.

We are holding an oversight hearing tomorrow to examine the irregularities in the 2020 election. A large percentage of Americans simply don't think this was a legitimate election. That’s an unsustainable state of affairs for our country.

I rewatched the start of the debate. The 1st Q went to Trump who gave an uninterrupted 2-min response. Then Biden gave an uninterrupted 2-min response. Then it went back to Trump, whose answer was interrupted 3 times by Biden. If you didn't like it, blame Biden for starting it.

BREAKING: The House Foreign Affairs Committee has announced contempt proceedings against POMPEO

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“Conspiracy Theories: Warning Signs” coming Tomorrow! I got self conscious about posting this on my main channel because it’s only 30 min long so I’m gonna put it on my second channel. ? but I really wanted to test out a new format and I’m excited to see what u guys think :))