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WeChat appears to have blocked access to Australian PM Scott Morrison’s account, leading one senator to call for a parliament-wide boycott of the service

Italy's parliament will vote for a new president, with Prime Minister Mario Draghi the favourite but far from guaranteed in a race that risks destabilising the government

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#WaterkloofFire  While the blaze was extinguished inside of an hour, it’s raised questions following the recent attacks on parliament and the constitutional court.

WeChat appears to have blocked access to Australian PM Scott Morrison’s account, leading one senator to call for a parliament-wide boycott of the service

Law Minister Anisul Huq yesterday placed a bill in parliament seeking to give a legal shield to the current and previous #Election  Commissions formed through search committees, amid opposition from a BNP lawmaker. #Bangladesh 

Italy's parliament starts voting for president in wide-open race

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Britain’s Foreign Office on Saturday also named several other Ukrainian politicians it said had links with Russian intelligence services, along with Murayev, who is the leader of a small party that has no seats in the parliament.

Education Minister Dipu Moni yesterday told parliament that it was essential to have Qwami madrasas registered with the relevant authorities of the government for ensuring a time-befitting system for such institutions. #Bangladesh  #Education 

The #Election  Commission bill that was placed in parliament yesterday is akin to election engineering, said speakers at a webinar on EC formation law. #Bangladesh 

Italy’s parliament starts voting for president in wide-open race


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Quite extraordinary that Johnson told at least five lies in Parliament yesterday (used to be a resigning offence) and most of the media has not even bothered to report it, let alone with the fury it merits. This is the normalisation of lying. Same with corruption. 1/2

The richest MP in Parliament today slashed taxes for bankers while hiking taxes for workers. This is a government by – and for – the super-rich.

A government Minister just confirmed in Parliament that there are no minutes to the meeting(s) that took place between Lord Bethell, Owen Paterson and Randox as part of Randox being awarded £600 million of contracts without any kind of tender or any process. This is corruption.

Today in Parliament Conservative MPs refused to wear masks. They think the rules don't apply to them, only to the working people who work in our hospitals, stack our shelves and care for our elderly.

Appeal to EP: You should be open to a long extension, if the UK wishes to rethink its strategy. 6 million people signed the petition, 1 million marched. They may not feel sufficiently represented by UK Parliament but they must feel represented by you. Because they are Europeans.

Unfortunately I have been excluded from Parliament and disenfranchised by the new Parliamentary voting system. Medical advice is for me to stay at home, and where we had a perfectly workable remote voting system Jacob Rees Mogg has chosen to scrap it so his PM looks better.

I’m still trying to get action on PM’s systematic lying in parliament The BBC asks whether people care about it Please RT if you do

I will be voting against the Police Crime and Sentencing Bill in Parliament. The last thing the Police need is more powers at this time.

Disgusting. In Parliament, I just challenged Jacob Rees-Mogg about UNICEF having to feed working class kids in the UK. His reply? "UNICEF should be ashamed of itself". He accused it of "playing politics". It's shameful for kids to go hungry. It's not shameful to feed them.