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Why Amazon's move to drop Parler is a big deal for the future of the Internet

As my account here slowly melts away, I hope you'll join me on a diverse group of alternate platforms. Gab, CloutHub and Parler if it comes back.

The video, found in an archive of data uploaded to Parler, includes a fresh look at the mob’s confrontation with Eugene Goodman, the officer credited for luring rioters away from senators during the early moments of the Capitol riot.

How Parler saw the storming of the US Capitol - amazing work, as ever, by @ProPublica  - rough draft of participant history

ProPublica sifted through thousands of videos taken by Parler users to create an immersive, first-person view of the Capitol riot as experienced by those who were there.

#Telegram next up in the firing line after #Parler 

Agent fired from literary agency for using Parler and Gab

Republicans say call for FBI probe into Parler is a "political ploy" to shut down speech

Parler had more than "only two clear rules, " & people definitely have gotten kicked off, which some folks tends to view as "silencing. " Who's fact-checking @NYTmag  these days?

The bans may not be illegal, per se — though Parler is alleging anti-competitive practices. But the answer to “bad” speech — to lies and hate and misinformation — is more speech. The cure is not to hide bad speech from the public eye. Via @pgopinions 


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okay, this IS my last tweet: CNN tries to get FNC banned. Apple targets Parler. Publishers dump writers. music labels drop artists. twitter bans/removes thousands. tech companies join hands. this redefines who the true rebels are. if you like the purge, you're the servant.

NEW: Amazon is booting Parler off AWS, its web hosting service, knocking the pro-Trump social network offline until it finds a new host.

This is the same group who abused power in 2016. I will be leaving soon and going to Parler. Please open an account on @parler  right away.

So I have actually lost 30k followers in 4 hours? Is that even possible? Parler iced? Is this to please @JoeBiden ? Does he know what Twitter is ?

Do you know how many of the people arrested in connection with the Capitol invasion were active users of Parler? Zero. The planning was largely done on Facebook. This is all a bullshit pretext for silencing competitors on ideological grounds: just the start.

BREAKING: Twitter alternative Parler has been removed from the Google Play Store

First, Democrats support government shutting down small business during #COVID19 . Now, Democrats support big business shutting down their competition. We’d post this on Parler, but no one could see it.

I'm posting this on behalf of Dan Bongino: "I got locked out of Twitter for posting the Trump taped speech. As a result, I’m leaving the platform permanently for Parler. I’ll post my final tweet and message for twitter tomorrow when the 12 hour lockdown ends."

Parler is exploding. I went from 500,000 followers there a couple of weeks ago to 1.2 million currently. This is the hip new platform where the air is free and you can speak your mind. Follow me there!

Facebook has now placed severe restrictions on my Facebook page on the eve before the election based on an extremely dishonest Politifact review of my link to an accurate story.  I will not be intimidated or threatened by Facebook. You can also find my posts on Twitter and Parler

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