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Papuans don’t want TNI, police withdrawn from region, Mahfud MD claims #jakpost 

Papuans doubtful over govt team to probe shootings #jakpost 

VeronicaKoman no longer owes the state’ Read the article: Papuans refund Veronica Koman's scholarship money to government #jakpost 

Papuans return Veronica Koman's scholarship funding to Indonesian government #jakpost 

Papuan community leaders and activists have urged the central government to exercise wisdom and involve Papuans in a review of the special autonomy status for Papua and West Papua as Jakarta plans to amend the legal basis. #jakpost 

The papuans'>West Papuans are far from being the only underrepresented independence movement, @LiatCollins1  reports.

Today in 1998 Indonesian forces tortured, raped, killed, mutilated 150 West Papuans. This was the Biak Massacre.

‘Stop denying and listen to us’: Papuans hopeful for talk, action to end everyday racism #jakpost 

‘Stop denying and listen to us’: Papuans hopeful for talk, action to end everyday racism


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Lampung university students face intimidation over discussion on discrimination against Papuans#jakpost 

Indonesians urged to speak up on racial discrimination of Papuans. #jakpost 

The recent outburst of racism against Papuans lays bare the failures and true character of the Indonesian government, argues Eka Kurniawan

Inter-ethnic violence in Papua, Indonesia killed over 25 people, mostly migrants from elsewhere in Indonesia. The riots were reportedly sparked by rumors that a teacher insulted papuans'>Indigenous Papuans, who complain about inequality and discrimination. Police say it was a hoax.

Papuans turn monkey slur into a revolutionary symbol

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Indonesia arrests dozens of papuans'>West Papuans over claim flag was thrown in sewer

'Monkeys, get out': papuans'>West Papuans barricaded and teargassed on Indonesian 'freedom' day