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The border standoff between the armies of India and China erupted on May 5 last following a violent clash in the Pangong Lake areas. #India  #China  #IndiaChinaStandoffChinaStandoff 

After the initial disengagement between #India  and #China  at Pangong Lake, discussion between the two sides will now focus on easing tensions at other friction points in #EasternLadakh  during the Corps Commander-level meet on Friday. @AbhishekBhalla7 )

After having successfully disengaged with China in the Pangong lake area, Armies of India and China are scheduled to hold the 11th round of Corps Commander-level talk in eastern Ladakh on Friday to discuss disengagement in Ladakh

I searched for the word “Depsang” in @BDUTT’s piece on how US needs India. MIA. In contrast Pangong Tso Lake is all over the article. This is how they reshape our memories to power. I doubt if Gods help those who are too timid 2 help themselves.

Indian Army jawans groove to peppy track at Pangong Tso lake. Take a look at this viral video! #indianarmy  #jawansdancing 

WATCH | #IndianArmy  Jawans Dance At Pangong Tso Lake In #Ladakh ; Video Goes Viral Details:

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Indian Army Chief Gen MM Naravane said on Thursday the threat to India has only "abated" following the disengagement in Pangong lake areas in eastern Ladakh after the agreement with China but it has not gone away altogether

Army Chief General M.M. Naravane said on Thursday the threat to India has only “abated” following the disengagement in Pangong lake areas in eastern Ladakh after the agreement with China but it has not gone away altogether.


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Pics of Indian and Chinese troops and tanks disengaging from the banks of Pangong lake area in Eastern Ladakh where they had been deployed opposite each other for almost ten months now. (Pics Source: Northern Command, Indian Army)

During early hours of 08 January 21, a Chinese soldier was apprehended on the Indian Side of the LAC, Ladakh, in the area South of Pangong Tso lake. The PLA soldier had transgressed across the LAC and was taken into custody by Indian troops deployed in this area: Indian Army

BIG SUCCESS : Indian Army has occupied several dominating heights close to China's existing positions at finger 4, north bank of Pangong lake : Sources

Chinese troops have further transgressed into Indian territory and occupied positions in Finger 2 and 3 of the north bank of Pangong Tso (lake), former #BJP  Member of Parliament Thupstan Chhewang, who represented #Ladakh , has claimed .

Indian Army has occupied heights overlooking the Chinese Army positions at Finger 4 along the Pangong Tso lake. These operations were carried out along with the preemptive actions to occupy heights near the Southern bank of Pangong Tso lake around August end: Sources

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China alleges one more transgression and border provocation by the Indian Army near the Pangong Lake. Classic Chinese tactic to cry foul and confuse.

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Height occupied by Indian Army troops including a special operations battalion is south of Southern bank of Pangong Tso lake near Thakung. Height was lying dormant&can give strategic advantage to side which holds it for controlling the southern bank of lake&areas around: Sources

Indian troops pre-empted this PLA activity on the Southern Bank of Pangong Tso Lake, undertook measures to strengthen our positions and thwart Chinese intentions to unilaterally change facts on ground: Col Aman Anand, PRO, Army

Chinese aggression has been increasing along the LAC & more particularly in Galwan Valley since 5th May 2020. Chinese side transgressed into the areas of Kugrang Nala, Gogra and north bank of Pangong Tso lake on May 17 –18 2020: Defence Ministry on its major activities in June

If Pangong lake is taken, Ladakh can't be defended. If the Chinese military is allowed to settle in the strategic valley of Shyok, then the Nubra valley and even Siachen can be reached." The idea that we can live with the incursion is preposterous.