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This list. Wow. It’s 27 people and that includes Ed Meese, Rudy, and Pam Bondi. If this is all ya got better just to stay quiet. That this is the list for a sitting POTUS? Beyond embarrassing.

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Cute pic, from Pam Bondi's old website ca. 2014. You and your 'son.' .

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#RevolvingDoor - Pam Bondi, a former senior adviser on PresidentTrump’s impeachment defense team, has rejoined Ballard Partners, a lobbying firm run by another close Trump ally.

Pam Bondi, a former senior adviser on Trump’s impeachment defense team, rejoins Trump-connected lobbying firm

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Crowd at the WH waiting for President Trump’s remarks just gave a standing ovation to members of President Trump’s legal team including Pat Cipollone, Jay Sekulow, Pam Bondi and Patrick Philbin.

Trump publicly railed against impeachment, but largely stayed out the actual process on Capitol Hill. His one request to his legal team, coming after the first day of arguments, was: Put Pam Bondi on TV more.

"It's disappointing that Sen. Romney bought into all of Adam Schiff's continued lies about the President," Pam Bondi on Mitt Romney's decision to vote against the President, "No one else did."


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WATCH: Trump legal team member Pam Bondi lays out Hunter Biden’s “nefarious” dealings with (as WaPo wrote at the time), validating ’s requ @realDonaldTrumpst  to investigate corruption.

Why should the American people care about Hunter Biden & #Burisma ? The answer is simple: there is significant evidence of corruption. WATCH Pam Bondi break down #BurismaBidenBiden . ⤵️

THREAD: Pam Bondi just completely exposed the Biden connection to corrupt Ukrainian Gas Company Burisma.

Pam Bondi laying out brutal case against Hunter and Joe Biden

CNN’s Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin: Pam Bondi “did an effective job of showing how sleazy the hiring of Hunter Biden was.” “The only reason he got” the job “is because he was the Vice President’s son”

Under @realDonaldTrump ’s leadership, Florida is THRIVING! Read more from Pam Bondi— former AG of Florida⬇️

Pam Bondi: The Desperate Democrats threw due process, fundamental fairness, and our Constitution out the window in the House proceedings.

Pam Bondi, just brought on WH communications ace on impeachment, has done her first interview on CBS, she dismissed Gordon Sondland as a “short-term” ambassador to Ukraine he’s not the ambassador to Ukraine

Exclusive: Conservative Group 'Bikers for Trump' Submits Evidence of Broward County Ballot Tampering to Florida AG Pam Bondi via

Excellent, Florida AG Pam Bondi asks state police to investigate county irregularities