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NEW: Two never-before-seen training manuals reveal how the LAPD has taught its officers to use Palantir Gotham, one of the most secretive, controversial, and powerful law enforcement tools in the world.

The Govt's sale of your health care record is another step into a new era of surveillance capitalism. The fight back starts by kicking Palantir out of the NHS. Join me, @Foxglovelegal  @graciemaybe  @JujuliaGrace  @mikegalsworthy  + others TODAY #NoPalantir 

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Big scoop from @davidtpegg : Palantir, the big data firm used by the Trump administration on its deportation plan has been hired by the UK government for border and customs work post-Brexit.

LexisNexis just signed a $16.8 million contract to sell a massive database of personal info to ICE, which will use it to track people down. Amazing to me that LexisNexis has avoided the public image of Palantir despite powering the same deportation machine

PayPal’s founders & first employees also helped to launch and/or fund: SpaceX YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Uber Tesla Square Airbnb Reddit Yelp Lyft Pinterest Tumblr Twilio Quora Postmates Eventbrite Palantir Zynga

Thiel is a Facebook board member. He's the chairperson of Palantir, a multibillion dollar gov contractor that's going public this year. Both companies declined to comment on his activities associating with white nationalists and racists.

On this day in 2002: eBay completes acquisition of PayPal. PayPal founders, employees go on to launch/fund companies such as: SpaceX YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Uber Square Airbnb Reddit Yelp Lyft Pinterest Eventbrite Palantir

NEW: Emails from @fema  show the government instructing state health officials to give Coronavirus-tracking data directly to Palantir, despite the company saying publicly that it doesn’t handle this potentially lucrative information at all.

The firm in charge of centralising UK pandemic data was founded by a man who doesn't believe in democracy... and government is refusing to give basic info about the contract... 1/ why was Palantir chosen and how?

PayPal’s founders & early employees later launched and/or helped to fund: SpaceX YouTube Facebook LinkedIn Uber Square Airbnb Reddit Yelp Lyft Pinterest Eventbrite Palantir