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At least 11 women were trampled to death in Afghanistan while in a stadium awaiting visas to leave the country. Most were elderly. The Pakistani Consulate was closed for nearly 8 months due to #COVID19 . Millions of Afghans have fled to Pakistan amid war and economic hardship.

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VIDEO: Thousands of people gather at a football stadium in the Afghan city of Jalalabad to apply for Pakistani visas, after the nearby Pakistani consulate resumed services following a seven-month hiatus due to the pandemic

The incident unfolded at the stadium in Jalalabad city after large crowds assembled in a bid to secure travel permission after the nearby Pakistani consulate resumed services following a seven-month hiatus due to the pandemic

The Pakistani consulate hasn’t issued any comments yet

Pakistani’s video appeal helps two distressed #Indian  #workers  in #UAE  Charity trust, #Indian  Consulate in Dubai work with the authorities to repatriate them @cgidubai 

Fraudsters pretending to be consulate officials or travel agents continue to target Pakistani citizens in the UAE with the sale of fake airline tickets

#WATCH Abandoned Pakistanis protest outside Pakistan consulate in Dubai after no help was provided to them by either Pakistani authorities or UAE authorities, beg for repatriation to Pakistan. (Source: Amateur video)

Pakistan's Consulate in Dubai has removed a tweet which said the UAE government had organised flights for Pakistani prisoners to leave the country

Hundreds of Pakistanis gathered outside the Pakistani Consulate in Dubai on Sunday, despite Dubai being in lockdown, demanding to return to Pakistan

As part of U.S. Department of State's sports diplomacy program, U.S. Consulate Lahore has partnered with @SAFoundationN  to organize cricket camps for underserved Pakistani youth across Punjab. (1/2) #culturalexchanges  #Punjab  #Partners4Prosperity  #USPAK  📷 @SAFoundationN 


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“You’ll be remembered by the Chinese people”: The Chinese community in Pakistan have started a donation campaign for the two Pakistani police officers who died while protecting the Chinese Consulate in Karachi from a terrorist attack on Friday.

#BREAKING Pakistani separatist group claims attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi: spokesman

JUST IN: Chinese consulate in Pakistani city of Karachi attacked by gunmen - security sources

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MORE: Two Pakistani policemen killed and security guard wounded in attack on Chinese consulate in Karachi - doctor from local hospital

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BREAKING: Pakistani police: Gunmen storm Chinese Consulate in Karachi, killing 2 police officers; smoke seen rising from building.

Happy 71st Independence Day to all Pakistanis from the United States Consulate General Karachi. American and Pakistani staff celebrate Pakistan’s 71st Independence day by singing one of Pakistan’s national songs “Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan”. #AzaadiMubarak  #IndependenceDay  #USPAK 

Pakistani Military Officers Behind Consulate Attack: Balkh Police Chief

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Tashfeen Malik underwent &passed a DHS counterterrorism screening conducted at US consulate in Islamabad since she was Pakistani citizen