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Pakistan-occupied Kashmir runs propaganda under an agenda to spread their programmes in our areas through their transmitters. After our transmitters are placed, people in that area will also get an opportunity to learn about India's development: Union Minister Anurag Thakur

Pakistan nurtures Terrorists in their backyard in the hope that they will only harm their neighbours.Our region, in fact the entire world suffered because of their policies: India at UNGA

Had Pakistan been named in the India-US joint statement, it would have implied that Pakistan holds such an important place in the relations between two countries: Indrani Bagchi, Diplomatic Editor, Times Of India, tells TIMES NOW. | #ModiInAmerica 

The BTS ARMY clapped 👏 back 👏 at James Corden for calling them ’15-year-old girls’

Modi-Biden Bilateral Meet: Discussed Pakistan's Role in Afghanistan @SiddiquiMaha  reports from Washington D.C. Join the broadcast with @ShivaniGupta_5 

US is still looking at the fact that it has to evacuate some of its people from Afghanistan and Pakistan has control over the Taliban: @asajjanhar , Former Diplomat, tells TIMES NOW. | #ModiInAmerica 

PM Modi to address the 76th UN General Assembly. What to expect from PM's speech? India slams Pakistan's PM over his 'Islamophobia' remark. @shalinder2007  shares details wit @ShivaniGupta_5 

Arsonist' disguising as fire-fighter': India slams Pakistan at UNGA #UNGA  Live updates:

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BTS sat down with USA TODAY on how they are feeling as first time Grammy nominees and performers, what ARMY can look forward to during their performance and what "Dynamite" means to them now. Watch the full interview here:

BTS ARMY! Here’s a sneak peek into Sakshma Srivastav’s exclusive interview with your favourite K-Pop group BTS! Watch the full interview on 5th & 6th June! BORAHAE! 💜 @bts_bighit  @BTS_twt  #BTSonENOW  #BTSArmy  #BTSButter  #kpop  #BTS 

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After serving 6 years in the Army — and 20 years in the Navy - this hero retires and she walked out like this. I’m here for all of it.?❤️???

this one's dedicated to the BTS Army ? congrats on your #KCA2020  win @BTS_twt !

BTS + ARMY = a forever love. ? @BTS_twt  hit the @mtvfreshout  stage to thank their powerful ARMY!

Oh man. This BTS army is real and full of love and it’s great! You have no idea how many children you have helped. Thank you thank you thank you x