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Desperate for some @sarasjolin  tweets to get the Danish perspective on our latest diplomatic standoff. I worry she may not be available due to her country's civilized paid-leave regulations.

Q10: Can you share some resources with additional information on #paidleave , #FAMILYAct , and #FMLA ? #WellnessWed  #NBM19 

Q3: Why do #breastfeeding  moms & America’s families need the #paidleave ? #WellnessWed  #NBM19 

Q4: How many people across the country do not have access to paid family leave?? #paidleave  #NBM19  #WellnessWed 


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Another compelling piece showing that when American families are supported with real paid-leave policies, everyone benefits:

America's workers need #paidleave  so we can all provide and receive critical care. Db4R4SZZaA#TimeToCare  #FMLA24 

It’s time to raise our voices in support of #paidleave  for our workers, our businesses, our families. #LaborDay 

For the cost of a cup of coffee a week, we can guarantee #paidleave  for all American workers with the #FAMILYAct .

Today, we called on @POTUS  to support our #FAMILYAct . American workers deserve affordable, comprehensive #paidleave .

When Americans have to choose between their family and their paycheck, we all lose. It’s time to demand #paidleave .

RT if you agree: It's absurd that 86% of U.S. workers don't have #paidleave  through their jobs. #Long5Years 

The fact is, if women represented 51% of Congress, we wouldn't still be debating access to birth control or a national #paidleave  plan.

An employee handbook at Trump’s Vegas hotel confirms: no paid-leave policy

As President, @HillaryClinton  will be a champion for women & families, incl ensuring up to 12 weeks of #paidleave .