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Still at senate waiting for house republicans to be done debating ridiculous objection to PA election. After all this, seriously? 92 senators already rejected this. Around 3 a.m. I’ll go back to House to read rest of states & declare that Joe Biden is the next president.

Just so we're clear here... Some GOP denunciation of Trump, but when it came to objecting to AZ/PA electors... A majority of House Republicans did. This was after the storming of the capitol.

A small group of House lawmakers came close to physically fighting early Thursday morning as the congressional count of electoral votes stretched into the wee hours and a PA Democrat charged that Republicans had been telling “lies” about his state’s votes.

McCarthy and Scalise — the top two House Republicans — both voted to throw out Pennsylvania and Arizona electoral votes, as did a majority of the conference. (Pa. on the left, Az on the right.)

House joins Senate in rejecting Republicans objections to PA vote > WATCH LIVE:

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ICYMI: We've published the list of 106 House Republicans who signed onto the Texas lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in GA, MI, PA & WI:

Of the 106 House Republicans who signed onto the amicus brief in support of Texas' bid to overturn election results in PA, WI, GA & MI, 16 represent those states (7 alone from PA). Should their elections also be overturned?

NEW: Top Republicans in the PA legislature are pressing the state’s congressional delegation to challenge Joe Biden’s victory, amid a mounting pressure campaign from Trump/Giuliani. AZ’s House speaker rebuked the effort today.

Last gasp effort by Pa. House Republicans to involve state Legislature in recall of presidential election results fizzle

26 Pa. House Republicans call for withdrawing certification of presidential electors (Jan Murphy / PennLive)


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Then the election is thrown to the House, where each state gets one vote based on delegation. Right now, Republicans hold the majority. But the electoral college vote happens AFTER the swearing in. If PA and FL flip blue by Congressional delegation, we have a 25-25 tie.

HARRISBURG, Pa. @AP ) _ House Republicans in Pennsylvania are dropping plans to fast-track an 11th-hour effort to set up a Republican-majority election panel with subpoena power, officials said Friday, amid accusations that it was an effort to steal the election.

HOUSE passes police reform bill: - Vote ws 236-181 - Three Republicans voted yes: @RepBrianFitz  (PA), @HurdOnTheHill  (TX) and @RepFredUpton  (MI) - Next? Senate decides what/when to do what to do. It's not a great moment over there. But each week is very different.

Republicans won the high profile races. Democrats won the midterm election. —>Ds won the US House —>Ds vote margin bigger than Tea Party’s in 2010 —>Rs LOST 333 legislative seats —>Rs lost 7 governorships —>Rs lost key 2020 Midwest states in PA, WI and MI. (h/t )

With GOP Rep. Costello of Pa. retiring, giving Dems a key pickup opportunity, there are now 39 Republicans leaving the House, compared to 18 for Dems, who need to pick up 23 seats to take back power in November

In the PA-18 House special election, Republicans are actually *dialing down* their messaging about the GOP tax cuts. This, even though we keep being told the tax plan is the centerpiece of the GOP's 2018 strategy.

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Extreme House Republicans, including , have spent the last year trying to cut taxes for the super-rich & big corporations and rip away health care coverage instead of working for the middle class. Their funding deal left PA families behind. Let’s exmaine it