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The P-Funk Mothership is one of the most iconic stage props in the history of popular music. It delivered an unmatched visual spectacle for the audience and represented the spirit behind P-Funk's music. Watch the Mothership land at our Museum#SecretsMW  #APeoplesGroove  #BTS 

Parliament's is retiring, but the P-Funk mothership will fly on: "I got a pacemaker put in, so it’s time to sit my ass down." Read our interview.

From The Parliaments to Funkadelic to Parliament Funkadelic to the P-Funk All Stars, George Clinton has conducted the mothership as a reliable father figure. Watch him funk up the #TinyDesk .

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In honor of 's amazing tweet, let's all pay homage to the funkmaster, or... deeper still, the Mothership Connection Home of the extraterrestrial brothers Dealers of funky music P.Funk, uncut funk, the bomb

. & Parliament-Funkadelic coming to you directly from the Mothership. 3 hrs of P-Funk power at the last night

Everything from Bo Diddley’s cigar box guitar, to Quincy Jones’ minimoog to the P-Funk mothership. Must see.

The @NMAAHC  grand opening was powerful & moving, the P-Funk Mothership has landed & @george_clinton  is abt to tear the roof off the @930Club 

Any museum that contains both Harriet Tubman's Bible and P-Funk's mothership gets my money. Congrats to all involved.