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VERONA PHARMA P/S $VRNA Sees Significant Increase in Short Interest

P.S. Their new album 'Clot' is out this Friday, 9/25.

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If you ever want to calculate how much you've spent in total for fees portfolio, don't. Instead, use (proudly powered by CoinGecko API 😎) P.S. Don't publicly share a screenshot of how much you've spent in fees, it's not good for security!

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@davidfaber , @jonfortt  - when interviewing #CarlyFiorina , how about mentioning her record as a major #jobs  and #production  offshorer to #China  as head of Hewlett-Packard? P.S. transferred lots of high #tech  to the PRC, too: #PandaHugger  #FriendofChina 

"P.S.A shoutout to my amazing wife for going from learning I’m bi to fucking another dude with me three months later!"

So...are you registered? We teamed up with I Am A Voter to make sure our voices can be heard—check out the link to find out if you're registered! (P.S. How cute do our associates look?)

Say 👋👋👋 to Sadricka, our #LOFTimist  of the week! She's a second-grade teacher and "a mini superhero to my students" (as she puts it!). Thank you, Sadricka! P.S. Are YOU a #LOFTimist ? Head to to tell us your story!

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JUST IN: Senate adopts P.S. Resolution No. 527, creating a special committee that would review IRRs crafted by the executive branch. This will cover laws passed since the 14th Congress, according to Senate Majority Leader JuanMiguel Zubiri. | @donabel_magsino 

Expensive repairs needed after vandalism at U.P.’s Suicide Bowl complex

pssst $SFIX bulls... u can do it. let's go. cheap P/S so not a lot of froth in this one on paper.

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@Harry_Styles Nice tweet mate. Shame you don't even know what day it is. P.s embarrassing I'm tweeting you sat right next to you ha!

@NiallOfficial @socceraid  p.s love the text update every time you tweet me. Cute

@TomTheWanted P.S enjoy the press from this .

Here we go again. Fake News@CNN  is blaming RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. They are sick losers with VERY bad ratings! P.S. Can’t blame China because they need the cash?

@MaxTheWanted p.s your display just how's how much of a wannabe you are :)

Only 21 days until you can watch To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You But you can watch a brand new trailer right now!

@thebottlemen p.s saw your mum last night and I'm getting her the jacuzzi for Crimbo !

Really sad and touching at the same time. Good for her for standing up to the nonsense. P.S. If she doesn’t find someone better count me in. I’ll walk her down the isle. Lmk.

Lara Jean + Peter 4 ever ... right?? To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You premieres February 12