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From tapas to mocktails: How restaurants are adapting to the Ozempic craze

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Are fat-loss shots a ticking timebomb? Doctors warn Ozempic & Wegovy are shrinking patients' muscles

Jimmy Kimmel joked about Ozempic at the Oscars. It's a reminder that we need to actually talk about the way weight loss is discussed in Hollywood.

Doctors warn Ozempic & Wegovy are shrinking patients' muscles

The recent swell of social media excitement about Ozempic and Wegovy have made the injectable weight loss medications household names

All you need to know about weight loss drug 'Ozempic' that Jimmy Kimmel joked about on Oscars 2023 #ozempic  #weightlossdrug  #Oscars2023 

What is 'Ozempic face', and are people taking this diabetes drug to lose weight, finding out they may be doing more harm than good?

Ozempic is a drug for diabetes, but it's also being used off-label for weight loss. Its active ingredient has inspired a new class of weight-loss drugs.

Which celebs are on Ozempic? The confirmed and rumored


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While many pharmacists across the U.S. have struggled to get their hands on Ozempic, some haven’t bothered, and they say it's because they're losing money on the expensive — and popular — drug.

“We really don’t know the long-term risks of drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy”: Some diabetes drugs are rising in popularity as weight loss aids. But Dr. @celinegounder  says the steep $15,000/year price tag may come with more risks than benefits.

Ozempic, a diabetes miracle drug that has become an off-label appetite suppressant, is changing the definition of being thin — and what it takes to get there. @MatthewSchneier  reports

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As the diabetes drug Ozempic gains more attention, a surprising side effect has emerged for some: less of a desire to drink alcohol.

One startup gave me generic Ozempic without asking for my height or weight. Another suggested I change my weight to get insurance coverage. And the ads? They can be "abhorrent." A dispatch from the exploding online world of medical weight loss.

This Ozempic shortage is getting dangerous @chelseahandler 

A surging demand for Ozempic — which helps people with diabetes keep blood sugar levels in check — has led to a shortage. But the popularity of the drug isn't because of rising rates of diabetes. It's because of its weight loss benefits, doctors say.

People with diabetes struggle to find Ozempic as it soars in popularity as a weight loss aid

Fasting + Ozempic/Wegovy + no tasty food near me

@Teslarati  @ResidentSpongeIn  the meantime, semaglutide (aka Ozempic/Rybelsus) appears to be effective in appetite control with minor side effects