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"A lot of outsiders will say we're finished but historically at this club we've been written off. "We've managed to overcome those odds and achieve great things." #MUNBOU  // #afcb  🍒

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this gives outsiders a flavor of the kind of propaganda currently available on Polish state television

Leaders of an isolated indigenous Yanomami community in Brazil have complained that a military mission to protect them from the coronavirus brought greater risk of infection to their people through contact with outsiders, Reuters reports.

Outsiders widely doubt North Korea escaped the pandemic entirely, given its poor health infrastructure and close trade and travel ties to China, where the coronavirus emerged late last year.

"The Korean War remains central to the national myth of the ruling Chinese Communist Party and continues to inform multiple policy debates across Beijing in ways that may surprise outsiders." Read more:

I edited the college football portion of outsiders almanac'>Football Outsiders Almanac 2020 last night and this morning and it really made me hope there is a college football season this year. Great work by @parker_FOW  an @Ian_A_Boyd  . You'll all get to read it in two weeks.

There's six NBA outsiders that have an opportunity to make history, writes @tomhaberstroh .

Europe will allow a select list of outsiders to begin entering again starting today, but the U.S. is among the nations considered too risky. China, however, did make the list.

"We're not trying to get ahead of ourselves." "We would much rather be in the position of the two teams above." "We're the outsiders so if we do end up falling short, we know we've got a second shot in the Play Offs." @EasyEatss  says the pressure is off . 🐝 @BrentfordFC 

@EDVARDOSHADALOW : "As disabled LGBTQ+ people we can sometimes see ourselves as outsiders within an already marginalised community."


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Nothing is funnier than watching these white liberals frantically putting up a border wall in order to protect their land from dangerous outsiders.

The emotional journey of creating anything great requires crossing the dark swamp of despair.. Outsiders almost never see the crazy belief and persistence required to cross that chasm..

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Judge Sullivan’s invitation for outsiders to weigh in on the Michael Flynn case is an unconstitutional judicial power grab, writes @AlanDersh 

Rajinikanth: Citizenship Amendment Act will not affect any citizen of our country, if it affects Muslims then I will be the first person to stand up for them. NPR is a necessity to find out about the outsiders. It has been clarified that NRC has not been formulated yet.

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#WATCH North 24 Parganas: West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee gets off her car and confronts people chanting 'Jai Shri Ram' slogans, Banerjee says'These are all outsiders and BJP people, they are criminals and were abusing me. They are not from Bengal.'

Thank you for giving us outsiders a place to belong. #RIPStanLee 

#MaduroRegime has all the attributes of regimes that appear invulnerable to outsiders & then collapsed Small circle of paranoid cronies,isolated from reality by yes-men;& Grip on power entirely dependant on incentives to get security forces to protect them & spy on each other

The islanders are one of the few tribes completely cut off from the rest of the world and are known to fire at outsiders with bows and arrows

Wasn’t it a bit ironic for Bannon to travel to Alabama to exhort people not to let outsiders tell them what to do?

Those who don't understand the beauty of weed, purchasing weed, rolling and sharing of weed are outsiders and have no business in out world