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Let’s be crystal clear: The well-funded ad-campaign and outrageous attacks directed at @vanitaguptaCR  and @KristenClarkeJD  are part of the Republican playbook against voting rights and equal justice in our country. We cannot let this succeed.

Florida GOP says a new law will stop riots. Critics say it’s an "outrageous" ploy to end protests.

Analysis: The 35 most outrageous lines from Trump's 'interview' with Hannity

The Tories will table an amendment to remove the time limit on prosecutions for torture, genocide and crimes against humanity in the Overseas Operations Bill. This concession has been won thanks to tireless campaigners. It's outrageous these crimes were ever included.

The 35 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's 'interview' with Sean Hannity

Ron DeSantis signs 'outrageous and blatantly unconstitutional' bill into law

The numbers at our southern border are outrageous. The conditions, unacceptable. The time to act? Long overdue. @PresElectBiden  we will continue to stand up and fight until a so #BidensBorderCrisisution  to is enacted.

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'That is so outrageous': Geraldo Rivera scolds Tomi Lahren after she says George Floyd caused his own death

#RohitSharma hit an outrageous one-handed six in the fourth over of the #MumbaiIndians  innings, bowled by #DelhiCapitals  off-spinner #RavichandranAshwin  #IPL2021  #IPL  #DCvMI  #DCvsMI  #DC  #MI 

Some of the most important, outrageous, most consequential moments in sports history.


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I thought we’d already covered this after the attacks in Lafayette Square: the US government should not be using unidentified federal officers as a secret police force to terrorize US citizens & violate their constitutional rights. This is outrageous.

It is beyond pathetic for a sitting president to try to subvert the results of an election. It is even worse when the Republican Party, with few exceptions, remains silent over this outrageous attack on democracy. The GOP has ceased to be a political party. It is now a cult.

Moderator cut off @VP  Mike Pence while discussing the Knights of Columbus. This is what he was referring to... “Kamala Harris’s Outrageous Assault on the Knights of Columbus”

She was bold. She was outrageous. She was a LOT of fun. Naya made me laugh like no one else on that set. I always said it while we were working together and I’ve maintained it ever since. Her playful, wicked sense of humor never ceased to bring a smile to my face.


This is what happened when people in the U.K. were asked how much health care costs in the U.S. Remember that our outrageous for-profit system is not the norm in other countries. We can and we must do better. We need Medicare for All now.

By tweet @realDonaldTrump  engaged in political interference in the sentencing of Roger Stone. It is outrageous that DOJ has deeply damaged the rule of law by withdrawing its recommendation. Stepping down of prosecutors should be commended & actions of DOJ should be investigated.

It is outrageous what the Democrats are doing to our Country. Vote Republican now!

Outrageous that tickets for our UK shows are trading at hundreds of £'s on some sites. Please don't use them!