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Floods, landslides, and power outages were reported as Tropical Storm#PepitoPH  crossed Luzon.

Connecticut State regulators are urging Eversource and UI customers to take part in public hearings being held this week about the companies’ response to outages after Hurricane Isaias.

Kauai customers warned rolling outages are possible, asked to conserve #HNN 

#Kauai electrical cooperative @KIUC ) asks residents to conserve energy, warns of rolling outages

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⚡🔌Plan for power outages NOW. •Take inventory of items you need that rely on electricity. •Plan for batteries & other alternatives to meet your needs. •Install carbon monoxide detectors. •Have flashlights w/extra batteries, enough nonperishable food & water. #WeatherReady 

There were a total of eight major, weather-related outages in the first 10 years of this century, from 2000 to 2009. In the most recent decade, there have been 25. In New Hampshire, the increase is even more drastic.

#UPDATE More than 1,400 NYSEG customers in West Seneca are without power now, too. Outages are still reported in Alden, Clarence and Lancaster.

It's not just your perception, weather-related power outages are increasing


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If you’re directly affected by wildfire power outages, Tesla is reducing Solar+Powerwall prices by $1000 as of today

We've been led to believe that the toilet paper outages are the result of hoarders and panic-buyers cramming their closets with Charmin. I talked to some toilet-paper insiders (really) and it turns out that is probably mostly wrong!

We’re playing Charlotte tonight, I’m really looking forward to it. This show was obviously touch and go also because of the intense flooding and power outages in the area .Hopefully we can give the lovely people something to smile about this evening. We’re with ya NC

We've been experiencing outages across Twitter and TweetDeck. You might have had trouble Tweeting, getting notifications, or viewing DMs. We're currently working on a fix, and should be back to normal soon.

Reports coming in of electrical blackouts across various areas of #Venezuela  again. So far not at scale of last one but more significant than the common daily outages. Another reminder #MaduroCrimeFamily  can still carry out repression but can’t deliver basic services.

Despite widespread power outages, increased repression, lack of public transportation, and internet blackouts, Venezuelans took to the streets with Interim President Guaido to protest Maduro’s illegitimate power grab.

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I wonder if all those young hipsters cheering AOC at SXSW realize that in Venezuela, the power outages mean all their gadgets are dead and they can’t access any social media sites to hear about how great socialism is?

#MaduroRegime fake legislature the ANC has no legal authority to take away interim President legislative immunity. This is all designed to distract from power outages & to intimidate legitimate government & people of from m #Venezuelarching  on #6Abr 

Satellite imagery shows how massive the power outages are in Puerto Rico. One is from July 24; the other from yesterday. H/t

Breaking: Mayweather-McGregor main event will be delayed due to pay-per-view outages, sources tell Sal Paolantonio.