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OTOH, no reason for this #Trump  move; many reasons to oppose. But how many fmr #Trumpersers  will have clout w/ #BidenAdministrationhe  ? #establishmentO #GOPr #Congressin  ? Other #republicansss '>Congr #Republicansss  almost by definition won't need m #lobbyingch  : #Swamp 

otoh I loved the old magsafe chargers, but being to able to charge all laptops in the house with the same charger(s) is quite cool

OT1H, My Pillow guy getting a lot of media attention for a five minute meeting with potus. maybe for once, less alarm warranted than meets the eye? OTOH, nothing in past weeks/months warrants complacency

OTOH, it's always good to deprive #Putin  of money & any resulting influence. & maybe there's an interoperability issue. OTOH, this #weapons  system looks like it would be awfully useful against #China : #India  #Russia  #s400  #IndoPacific  #Asia  #geopolitics 

COVID policy is going to get even more complicated when, on the one hand, a sizable and growing minority of the population has been vaccinated and wants to resume higher-risk activities and, OTOH, people who aren't immune may have more risk than ever because of new variants.

@zachdcarter  OTOH, household balance sheets are in a massively better situation than they were post-GFC, and there's a very clear catalyst on the horizon for closing that output gap (the reopening, if Biden hits his vax goals).

@PalshikarSuhas  @bibekdebroyD  @kirti_sdon ’t poets have to write subversive poems for them to be subversive? OTOH, reading the preamble to the Constitution has become subversive activity :-) So you never know.

But OTOH you’ll probably get a lot of RTs so it’s a tough call, really

On the one hand, climate action has been grotesquely politicised when it shouldn't be. We just have to do it. OTOH, the *details* of decarbonisation & climate adaptation are inherently political & we do ourselves no favours by ignoring this.


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Otoh I just relish what a pathetic spectacle he’s become. On the other, wow, what a terrible moment for the country. Defeated whiny-ass Prez calling in from his bunker to a phony hearing complaining that no one will help him overturn the election.

You'll sometimes see people say stuff like "Biden MUST with the popular vote by 3 points or he's toast". Not true; at 2-3 points, the Electoral College is a tossup, not necessarily a Trump win. OTOH, the Electoral College is not really *safe* for Biden unless he wins by 5+.

On the one hand, there were people who understood "flatten the curve" to mean merely spreading cases out over a longer period of time to avoid overwhelming ICUs (e.g. R>1). OTOH, there were people who thought we could **crush** the curve via social distancing when we couldn't.

The Trumpist right is now slagging NYC (as New Yorkers are dying) for freeloading on federal spending. Again, it’s bigotry grounded in ignorance. Last year, the city paid $27B more in fed. taxes than it received in spending. OTOH, red states in general get far more than they pay.

Dear BJP, Allegations without an iota of proof are your thing. We OTOH have facts to back us up when we say PM Modi allowed Nirav Modi & Mehul Choksi to loot and scoot. Let's take a quick look at the sequence of events... 1/9

OTOH: If skillful, White House could portray SOTU letter as turning point in Pelosi-Dem arrogance/overreach: Vacationing during shutdown, refusing to even come to WH, suggesting Trump not give SOTU speech. WH could portray, with some accuracy, as out-of-control Resistance.

Family whose six-year old was murdered is "living in hiding" due to active and high-profile incitement against them on Facebook and YouTube with the claim they are mere actors,and their child did not exist. No action. Otoh, a glimpse of female nipple could get the page blocked.