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OTD in 1970, Apostle Islands was designated a national lakeshore. But as the climate warms, Lake Superior’s ice coverage shrinks — and opportunities to visit Apostle Islands’ ice caves and experience other winter rites of passage are slowly disappearing.

#OTD in 1969, Abbey Road was released in the UK. Do you have a favourite track on the album?

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OTD in 2014, @derekjeter  gave us a magical ending to his last game at Yankee Stadium. (MLB x @ScottsLawn )

OTD in 2007, Mike Gundy goes viral for his "I'M A MAN! I'M 40!" rant 🗣️ What's the best sports rant of all time? Drop your favourite (with video link) 👇

Born OTD in 1847, we remember Michael Cusack on the 175th anniversary of his birthday. Watch back our chat with The Hurlers author Paul Rouse which covers the early years of the All-Ireland Hurling Championship & gives us a great insight into Cusack

OTD 2021 my beloved husband died. At this very sad time please take a moment to remember him and raise a glass to his memory.I miss him every day. 💔

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Happy Leonard vs Hearns Day! OTD in 1981. Friday Content; Rounds 6 and 7 with Howard Cosell on the call (and interviewing the fighters) It’s been a long week. Treat yourself:

OTD in 1923: Dempsey vs Firpo. 9 knockdowns in the first round (7 for Jack, 2 for Firpo (counting the no-count knockdown at the start of the clip)). This is peak Jack Dempsey. He made $470k to fight Firpo, ~6x Babe Ruth's top 1yr pay. ht @michaelsantoli 

$uber sell vol almost red otdNews 📰??? Puts dirt ntm


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OTD, 14 June 1941 tens of thousands of Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians were rounded up by the NKVD, stuffed into cattle cars and deported to Siberia. Tens of thousands, mainly women and children died and never returned You still wonder why the Baltic States support Ukraine?

OTD (2002) A month after completing a 3-peat with the Lakers, Kobe Bryant put on a show at Rucker Park!

#OTD in 2009, Shaq and Kobe reunited in the #NBAAllStar  Game and were named co-MVPs ?

Thierry Henry ⚡️⚡️⚡️ ? ???? solo run and finish at the Bernabéu#OTD  in 2006 #UCL  | @Arsenal  | @ThierryHenry 

#OTD 18 years ago: Bill Belichick is named head coach of the #Patriots . #GoPats 

#OTD in 1915, @RockyNPS  became a national park. RT to wish them happy birthday! #Colorado 

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