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Black Oregon Trail pioneer to be honored with monument at Washington State Capitol

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Sen. Dallas Heard, a far-right senator who has rebelled against COVID-19 restrictions and supported protesters who stormed the Oregon Capitol, has been elected chairman of the state Republican Party.

New Oregon GOP leader rallied state protesters against Capitol "enemy" on January 6

A far-right senator who has rebelled against coronavirus restrictions and supported protesters who stormed the Oregon Capitol has been elected chairman of the state Republican Party.

From Oregon's GOP denouncing the Capitol siege as a "false flag" to Texas' GOP declaring "we are the storm": A look at the internal battle Republicans are fighting on the local level

The Oregon group Timber Unity had connections to the Capitol riots. (via @MotherJones )

Oregon GOP claims Capitol riot a 'false flag operation designed to discredit' Trump, supporters

House Republicans disavow controversial resolution from Oregon’s Republican party blaming U.S. Capitol riot on ‘false flag’ operation

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This is what happened when far-right protesters tried to storm Oregon's State Capitol two weeks before the insurrection in DC.

The Oregon Republican Party falsely claimed the deadly U.S. Capitol siege was a Democratic plot to discredit Trump.


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Oregon GOP passes a formal resolution calling the attack on the Capitol "a false flag" and comparing it to the Reichstag fire.

The Oregon GOP released a resolution claiming "There is growing evidence that the violence at the Capitol was a 'false flag' operation." It cites The Epoch Times and the Wikipedia entry for "Reichstag Fire"

We need to talk about the number of state GOPsArizona Hawaii Oregon Texas — pushing deranged conspiracy theories and conspiracy theorists. This garbage got people killed and police beaten at the Capitol not even 3 weeks ago.

Rioters stormed the Oregon Capitol in December. Video shows a Republican lawmaker let them in.

Check out this surveillance footage from the Oregon Capitol. Here’s @GOP  Rep Mike Nearman@RepNearman  letting “Patriot Prayer” domestic terrorists into the Capitol building. Oregon State Police fought them & got maced in the process. Trump supporters...

Video clearly shows Rep. Mike Nearman helping right-wing demonstrators breach Oregon Capitol

WATCH: Unrest amid protests at the state Capitol in Oregon

Video surfaces of Oregon GOP Rep holding state Capitol door open for protestors

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Oregon Gov. Brown has deployed the state police to try to round up Republican lawmakers who fled the Capitol in an attempt to block a vote on a landmark climate plan that would be the second of its kind in the nation.

Omg the Oregon GOP is using a fake image -- these are actually *timber industry workers* protesting logging restrictions at the Capitol, not militia protesting a climate bill. Here's video footage from the event: (h/t ) @Hendja