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The Capitals-Orbán puts new CDU leadership to the test, @SarantisMich  @alex_owski 

Orban and Macron are taking Europe in a new direction, says Fredrik Erixon

So, anyone seen any regretful salutations to Rutte from other European leaders yet? (cc Viktor Orban)

Hungary plans to exempt young adults from paying income tax in a move widely seen as a push by Prime Minister Viktor Orban to win over the youth vote ahead of parliamentary elections next year

#Hungary has reached a deal with China's Sinopharm to buy its #COVID19  vaccine, Prime Minister Viktor Orban's chief of staff Gergely Gulyas said on Thursday, adding the first shipment could include 1 million doses.

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I don't mean why are Jair and Eduardo/Ernesto doing it. I *sort of* get that. I don't get why so many of their voters seem to support it. What do they think Bolsonaro knows about foreign policy that Netanyahu, Orbán and Johnson don't? (Sincere question)

Before the work is publicly displayed, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's far-right supporters have called for the destruction of a sculpture honoring the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's why.

#Hungary strongman Viktor#Orban  faces tough year as #COVID-19  hits popularity

Leading #Hungary  government officials remain silent after #Capitol  riots. #Orban 

So determined to avoid criticizing Trump for the mob he fomented, Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán "labelled the vicious attack on the Capitol the work of an aggressive left-wing crowd." #AlternativeUniverse 

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Most relevant

Orban has just shut down democracy in Hungary. Suspends elections; up to five years jail for spreading "misinformation"; rule by decree. This is a red alert moment for liberal democracy. Will the EU penalise Hungary? Will Trump and Pompeo condemn?

Throughout history, authoritarian leaders have used moments of crisis to seize unchecked power. Hungary’s Orban is the latest example. Now more than ever we must stand up for democracy and rule of law.

Man who is making total hash of Brexit negotiations to be put in charge of national security so he can help @BorisJohnson  make hash of that too. All to show that they can do whatever they like whatever the consequences. Trump and Orban would approve

If @BorisJohnson  tries ‘suspended pending an inquiry’ tactic, just remember that the Russia report is still not published. Patel inquiry is still ongoing. They did not co-operate fully with the Arcuri inquiry. He is a poor man’s Orban and must not be allowed to get off with it

Diversity is not our strength. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, “Mixing cultures will not lead to a higher quality of life but a lower one.”

Tomorrow Labour MEPs will vote to hold Viktor Orban's government in Hungary to account. The Conservatives must do the same, and should condemn his attacks on judicial and media independence, denial of refugee rights, and pandering to antisemitism and Islamophobia.

Yesterday, President Trump welcomed Prime Minister Viktor Orban of Hungary to the White House for a bilateral meeting!

Shamefully, the U.S. President today gives an attaboy approval by meeting with racist demagogue, Viktor Orban—demeaning democracy & shunning our allies’ condemnation. He doesn’t speak for me (or other Americans who cherish democratic freedom & justice).