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Taiwanese lawmakers threw pig intestines at their opponents over a controversial trade policy with the U.S.

Election officials across the US are getting death threats due to Trump’s refusal to accept the results, @JohnAvlon  says. Trump supporters have been fed disinformation in "echo chambers where they're told political opponents are the enemies of the people" #RealityCheck 

As the runoff campaign to decide control of the Senate heats up, Jon Ossoff is increasingly leaning on another issue: his Republican opponent’s stock portfolio

NEW Biden has promised to protect DACA. His opponents already are trying to stop him. Read the full package on the wall, refugees, asylum & the Muslim ban & more @ The Washington Post

In college, @RodTheKicker3  released some rap songs under the name ‘Blanko’... Well, it’s time to use that talent to benefit the @Colts . Rodrigo, let’s start dropping diss tracks to get in the heads of opponents 😂😂😂

*Jake Paul beats Nate Robinson* *Jake Paul calls out MMA fighters as his next opponents* Me: "I don't think you have the facilities for that big man"

Letters: Enforcing mandate | Also essential | Cost of not acting | Opponents, not enemies | Pressing need

Letters: Enforcing mandate | Also essential | Cost of not acting | Opponents, not enemies | Pressing need

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong was jailed for more than a year over 2019 protests, as authorities in the city target political opponents


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If you’re more worried about @realDonaldTrump  unmasking on a balcony with no one close to him than you were by the Obama/Biden administration unmasking (aka illegally spying on) their political opponents, my diagnosis is you have TDS, & my prescription is to put down your phone.

Trump this morning calling on his attorney general to arrest his political opponents ought to be major and historic news. This is what authoritarians do.’s just Thursday.

I want to defend & preserve our nation’s historic values. Our opponents stand with rioters – I stand with the heroes of Law Enforcement. Biden says Antifa is just an idea. Ideas don’t assault cops & burn down buildings. Antifa is a domestic terrorist org.

Trump just commuted RogerStone’s sentence. Stone lied and intimidated witnesses to hide Trump’s exploitation of the Russian hack of his opponent’s campaign. With Trump there are now two systems of justice in America: One for Trump's criminal friends and one for everyone else.

You are the president of the US, and you’re allowing your intelligence community to spy on your political opponents? I’d be surprised if President Obama didn’t know about the abuses that occurred against @realDonaldTrump ! We need to fix FISA now so it never happens again!

Women have been shown to be more sensitive to others' suffering, whereas, warriors celebrated for killing their opponents are almost always men. We need to see more women in leadership roles and more closely involved in education about compassion. #InternationalWomensDay 

Wow! Crazy Bernie Sanders is surging in the polls, looking very good against his opponents in the Do Nothing Party. So what does this all mean? Stay tuned!

What Mini Mike is doing is nothing less than a large scale illegal campaign contribution. He is “spreading” money all over the place, only to have recipients of his cash payments, many former opponents, happily joining or supporting his campaign. Isn’t that called a payoff? .....

By releasing the phone records of GOP members, @realDonaldTrump  lawyers and journalists he doesn’t like, @AdamSchiffCA  is doing exactly what he’s accusing the President of - using his power against his opponents for political purposes.

Everybody has read your words on the call. The Ukrainian President asks for military aid to fend off the Russian attack, you say “I want you to do us a favor though,” and then you spend the rest of the call asking for bogus investigations to smear your political opponents.