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There have been 126 cases associated with the Delta variant recorded in Ireland so far. #OnTheRecordNT 

Doug Beattie told #OnTheRecordNT  that the UUP under his leadership will open to people from all backgrounds.

Eamon Ryan also reiterated that foreign travel and holidays will resume "later in the summer". #OnTheRecordNT 

Paul Reid added that "investing in criminals just enhances the capacity of criminals further". #OnTheRecordNT 

COVID-19 antigen tests are best used as an additional risk reduction tool, @HIVTox  told #OnTheRecordNT .

The Minister for Housing is planning to bring forward rent reform legislation in the autumn. #OnTheRecordNT 

Dr Gabriel Scally said it could cost lives if the gap between coronavirus vaccines is not extended. #OnTheRecordNT 

Paul Reid said COVID-19 hospitalisation figures in Ireland have been "stuck" in recent weeks. #OnTheRecordNT 

Paul Reid said he is concerned about the increase in COVID-19 hospital admissions this weekend. #OnTheRecordNT 

"€4m, while it seems like a lot of money, really amounts to a slap on the wrist." @RoisinShortall  #OnTheRecordNT 


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Plans to vaccinate 700,000 people by the end of March are still being worked on, @ThomasByrneTD  told #OnTheRecordNT .