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#StarExclusive from @SusanDelacourt : Justin Trudeau’s government has fired off a letter to Ontario this weekend, asking Doug Ford and his cabinet to identify which international travellers they want banned from entering the province.

Canadian Paediatric Society to Ontario Premier Doug Ford: Outdoor recreational spaces should immediately reopen, “unless (the government has) data showing these venues are sources of virus transmission.” cc @Going4theGreen 

In a letter, Canada asked Ontario which international travellers they want banned. The letter was a response from Justin Trudeau's government to Doug Ford's attempts to shift blame of the pandemic's third wave.

Also #AtIssue  this week: Ontario Premier Doug Ford's changing relationship with Ottawa and his party's latest attack ads | Watch it here ➡️

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Trudeau government throws travel ban back into Ford’s lap as Ottawa-Ontario pandemic split widens

Nearly a year ago, as a detailed picture emerged of the horror faced by residents of Ontario's long-term care system during the pandemic, Premier Doug Ford vowed his government would conduct a full investigation. Now it turns out that didn't happen.

The idea of allowing cross-border essential workers to get vaccinated in the U.S. is something that Ontario Premier Doug Ford has been pushing for with Michigan.

Ontario’s small business minister is under fire after wading into the debate over vaccine efficacy to bolster Doug Ford’s push for a federal crackdown on international and interprovincial travellers bringing COVID-19 into the province.

Howard Levitt: How the Ford government got it right on paid sick days in Ontario


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Growing calls for Ontario Premier Doug Ford to resign amid worsening COVID-19 3rd wave

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NEW: Doug Ford’s PC's ignored recommendations from Ontario's top scientific advisers that several postal codes with a high risk of COVID-19 infection be included in the government’s 114 vaccination “hot spots.”

Ford says anyone calling for Ontario paid sick leave is "playing politics", points to federal program A reminder: -> The Ford govn't repealed 2 paid sick leave days in 2019, which they campaigned on -> The fed program only runs 2 weeks @ a time, pays less than minimum wage

Retweet if you think Doug Ford has failed Ontario Let’s get a 1000 retweet’s @DougFord2014  I tagged him, you know they are paying attenti #onpolin 

#BREAKING : The Ford government is ordering the closure of all communal or shared, public or private, outdoor recreational amenities everywhere in Ontario, effective immediately.

#BREAKING  : Ontario Premier Doug Ford declares state of emergency in the province, lasting until March 31, banning all public gatherings of more than 50 people. #onpoli 

Ontario premier Doug Ford's reception in Toronto was icy. ?

Funny that Doug Ford's new gas pump stickers forgot to tell you his Ontario govt takes 8% sales tax + 14.7% fuel tax. On a $50 fillup @$1.20/litre, that's $1.83 to Ottawa (rebated in your tax return) vs $7.35 going to Ford in fuel tax + $4.59 PST = $11.94! Sticker shock?

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Ontario Premier Doug Ford was greeted with a chorus of boos when he was announced to the crowd at the #raptorsparade . #onpoli  #wethenorth  MORE:

#Breaking: Ontario to lose more than 10,000 teaching positions over 5 years under Ford government changes: watchdog.