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Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan to cover 'life-changing' cystic fibrosis drug

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The Ontario government is easing restrictions on capacity limits settings where proof of vaccination is required.

Ontario’s proof of vaccination policies kicked in this week. How does it work, and how far will it go to putting COVID-19 behind us? Tonight at 11pm with Dr. Martha Fulford @McMasterU ), @deonandan  @uOttawa ) and @namshine  | Producer: @carrletta  #onpoli 

Young advocates for the environment rallied outside Ontario's legislature to call for the government to take action on climate change.

First Friday night of vaccination passports in Ontario: at this bar in Old Town, very few object to providing proof of vaccination. Management follows the law. Wrist bands issued, no loss of liberty. #onpoli  #Toronto 

Garrioch: Sens to welcome fans back as Ontario lifts limits to 50% capacity

Hundreds of wild fires burning across northern Ontario this summer meant thousands of people were evacuated from their homes. @NickFDunne  tells @JeyanCHCH  about the challenges, tonight on The Agenda at 11pm | Producer@carrletta 

Ontario's top doctor says the provincewide vaccine certificate system will be in place through at least the fall and winter, with some modelling forecasting a "significant" rise in COVID-19 cases after the holidays in January and February.

#CANADA: Assaulted Women's Helpline (Ontario, Canada) is 1-866-863-0511 (can accept calls from outside Ontario)

Ontario's Saugeen First Nation residents given expired COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine for weeks


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A family of 5 struck by a vehicle in London, Ontario were likely intentionally targeted because they were Muslim, say police. 4 members of the family were killed. A 9-yr-old child survived. A 20-yr-old man has been charged with 4 counts of murder & 1 count of attempted murder.

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#BREAKING : Proof of vaccination will be required at gyms and movie theatres, and will be needed to dine indoors at restaurants under Ontario’s new vaccine certification program, government sources confirm to CTV News Toronto.

I’m horrified by the news from London, Ontario. To the loved ones of those who were terrorized by yesterday’s act of hatred, we are here for you. We are also here for the child who remains in hospital - our hearts go out to you, and you will be in our thoughts as you recover.

Ontario Police now have the authority to require any individual not at home, on the street or in their cars, to provide the reason that they’re out and provide their home address.

#BREAKING : Police in Ontario can now stop and ask anyone on street or in cars as to why they are not at home, and ask for their address. #onpoli 

I’m starting a thread of Ontario police services that have said they will not make use of the new powers authorized by the panicking Ontario government today. Will update as warranted. Please @ me if your local force has made an announcement I’m not aware of. Thread begins.

NEW: Health Minister@PattyHajdu  says provinces and territories are “free to use AstraZeneca” in any age range they choose, it’s approved by Health Canada 18+. Says NACI reviewing 55+ recommendation. “There is nothing stopping the province of Ontario.” #onpoli  #cdnpoli 

This week my bill for 10 paid sick days will be debated in the Ontario Legislature. Retweet if you support 10 paid sick days and send @DougFord2014  a strong message #onpoli  #PaidSickDays  #PaidSickDays SaveLives#PaidSickDaysNow  SaveLives Now

#BREAKING : All publicly funded schools in Ontario will be closed for two weeks following March Break, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial government says.