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Ontario Premier Doug Ford has unveiled his cabinet for the 43rd Parliament and there are some big changes to the front bench.

Ontario elementary school cancels 'Lightyear' viewing due to 'questionable content'

Twenty-four communities in northwestern Ontario have declared states of emergency due to spring flooding. @charneland  describes the consequences for Fort Frances, tonight at 11pm with @namshine  | Producer: @carrletta  Read more:

There are no incumbent MPPs during an Ontario election. But there is an incumbent premier — and government — during an Ontario election. Wait, what? @spaikin  and @jm_mcgrath  explain the distinction. #onpoli 

"If we don't do something immediately, I think that we're going to be in big trouble." — ER physician @LisaEsther6 . Could Ontario's health care system collapse? At 11pm with @morgan_craig  () @RNAO  @KatharineSmart ) @CMA_Docs & @namshine  Producer: @sandragionas  #onpoli 

#Opinion : Ottawa has a responsibility to protect species under the Species at Risk Act. And given Ontario’s poor track record on endangered species, federal intervention is essential.

Ontario County Sheriff's Office says that one man is dead following a three-car accident in Canandaigua.

#CANADA: Assaulted Women's Helpline (Ontario, Canada) is 1-866-863-0511 (can accept calls from outside Ontario)


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Trudeau may have to redefine what a “small fringe minority” is… It’s stretching from Manitoba to Ontario! #TruckersForFreedom2022 

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Today, I visited Anima Mundi, part of the Vatican Museum with Indigenous “artifacts” kept in the Church’s private collection. There is an “Ontario”pipe stove from the 18th century, Haida Gwaii masks from the 18th Century, much more. I photographed them and was asked to leave.

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Since studies in Denmark and Ontario indicate the vaccinated people have higher rates of Omicron than the unvaccinated and hospitals are short staffed, maybe they should rehire the doctors and nurses who they fired for not getting vaccinated.

#BREAKING : Proof of vaccination will be required at gyms and movie theatres, and will be needed to dine indoors at restaurants under Ontario’s new vaccine certification program, government sources confirm to CTV News Toronto.

Breaking: sources tell me Ontario will invoke new emergency measures tomorrow and possibly state of emergency to give province new powers to enforce penalties against protestors. New emergency powers from Ontario to come into effect tomorrow. #cdnpoli 

#BREAKING : All publicly funded schools in Ontario will be closed for two weeks following March Break, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial government says.

A family of 5 struck by a vehicle in London, Ontario were likely intentionally targeted because they were Muslim, say police. 4 members of the family were killed. A 9-yr-old child survived. A 20-yr-old man has been charged with 4 counts of murder & 1 count of attempted murder.

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#BREAKING : Police in Ontario can now stop and ask anyone on street or in cars as to why they are not at home, and ask for their address. #onpoli 

This week my bill for 10 paid sick days will be debated in the Ontario Legislature. Retweet if you support 10 paid sick days and send @fordnation  a strong message. #onpoli  #PaidSickDays  #PaidSickDaysSaveLivesS #PaidSickDaysNowaveLives Now

Ontario teen arrested on suspicion of throwing kitten across street in Snapchat video

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