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WeissLaw LLP Reminds MR, IMMU, and BMCH Shareholders About Its Ongoing Investigations#businessnews 

7. Bank Fraud. We found out in 2019 that Trump, in one transaction alone, had committed a $270 million bank fraud in 2012 simply by inflating the value of one property in NY. Ongoing investigations are expected to reveal more about the #TrumpCrimeFamily  ’s illegal operations.

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DOJ usually doesn’t talk about ongoing investigations. But today it did, putting out details on an ongoing investigation into how Trump votes may have been discarded in Pa. At same time White House and campaign trumpeted details of investigation. @NYTnickc 

When police use force, reporters/families/officials ask for records. Many times, officials try to keep these records hidden, often citing "ongoing investigations" to explain the secrecy. Families, lawyers and victims' advocates say it's a stall tactic

“We demand justice but the state wants to bury the truth." Investigations are ongoing over reports that the Turkish army captured two Kurdish farmers and threw them from a helicopter, as part of their battle against the PKK. by @amberinzaman 

What happens next in Breonna Taylor's case? FBI, Louisville PD investigations ongoing

Acknowledging that there are people who feel the announcement by the Kentucky attorney general’s office fell "short of achieving justice," Mayor Greg Fischer outlined other ongoing investigations into Breonna Taylor's death

After a series of I-Team reports and investigations by the Florida Department of Health, the Palm Beach County Inspector General is now looking into possible ongoing issues within the Delray Beach Water Utilities Department.

s part of ongoing investigations, Redfern RES investigators, with assistance from the Central Metropolitan Operations Support Groups (OSG), executed a crime scene warrant at a home at Laycock Avenue, Bexley North, about 12.40pm on Monday, August 2.

The bail application of Prince Ndlovu has been postponed to next month. He's accused of killing an 18-year-old matric pupil. NPA Spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane says investigations are ongoing. #JabulileNkosi  #GBV  #eNCA  Courtesy#DStv403 


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There’s 5 US attorney investigations ongoing (includes Durham)...I'm been told leakers are running scared. Whether leaking to hurt the current Admin, or leaking to help it.

We're disclosing coordinated account activity focused on the ongoing protest movement in Hong Kong. Our investigations have found that these accounts are linked to state-backed information operations from mainland China.

For Trump, a military conflict with Iran would distract from: --Sinking poll numbers --Ongoing investigations --Calls for impeachment --Harmful trade wars It would also give him a rallying cry heading into an election year. We must remain on high alert.

JUST IN. Makati police confirm a kidnapping along commercial road Paseo de Roxas. Follow-up operations now ongoing according to Makati police investigations chief Major Gideon Ines. | via @rambotalabong  Story to follow on

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JUST IN: Speaker Pelosi says "we believe the president of the United States is engaged in a cover up" by stonewalling testimony for ongoing congressional investigations.

This double standard won’t cut it. For two years, I sounded the alarm about DOJ’s deviation from just that principle as it turned over hundreds of thousands of pages in closed or ongoing investigations. I warned that DOJ would need to live by this precedent. And it will.

At a time when Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator in a crime, we shouldn’t confirm a Supreme Court justice picked by Trump, who believes the president cannot be indicted or deposed. The Senate must postpone Kavanaugh’s hearings until the ongoing investigations are complete.

You can't fire the rule of law, @realDonaldTrump . You can't shut down ongoing investigations by career prosecutors.