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Canadian oil and gas producers will feel the pinch if prices hover around $45 for too long #oilandgas 

A judge gave bankrupt oil-and-gas company Southland Royalty the go-ahead to continue drawing on $70 million in financing.

@Chase  is the biggest global funder of liquefied natural gas, and Arctic & ultra-deep water oil-and-gas drilling; the biggest US funder of coal mining and tar-sands oil; and the second-biggest funder on Earth of fracked oil and gas. #StopTheMoneyPipeline 

Utility to pay $53M for blasts that damaged homes, killed 1 $MMM #MMM  #Crime  #Oilandgastransportation  #Oilandgas 

JPMorgan nixes financing for certain coal, oil-and-gas projects (S&P Global Market Intelligence)

Political uncertainty in Canada about oil-and-gas development in the resource-rich country prompts mining company Teck Resources to shelve multibillion-dollar oil sands project. "No constructive path forward," CEO says.

Teck Resources shelved a proposed multibillion-dollar energy project the federal cabinet was days away from issuing a verdict on, citing political uncertainty about oil-and-gas development in the resource-rich country

Chinook Energy Inc. files News Release on SEDAR $CKE.CA #TSX  #Oil  #OilAndGas  #Energy  #Investing 

Teck pulls application to build huge Alberta oil sands mine $TECK.B #TECK .B #Oilandgas  #Energy  #Airpollution 


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Oil-and-gas wells produce nearly a trillion gallons of toxic waste a year. An investigation shows how it could be making workers sick and contaminating communities across America. Rolling Stone investigates America's radioactive secret

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Federal prosecutors in New York investigating Rudy Giuliani and his associates have deepened their focus on Ukraine's state-run oil-and-gas company, having interviewed its CEO, Andriy Kobolyev.

Parnas and Fruman tried to recruit a top Ukrainian energy official in March in a proposed takeover of the state oil-and-gas company, describing the company’s chief executive and Marie Yovanovitch as part of “this Soros cartel” working against Trump.

An executive of Ukraine's state-owned oil-and-gas company said two associates of Rudy Giuliani boasted of their ties to Giuliani and the US government when they pitched a plan to change the gas company's management and remove the US ambassador to Ukraine

After a push from Energy Secretary Perry, two backers got a potentially lucrative oil-and-gas deal from the Ukrainian government . A Perry spokeswoman denies he advocated for business interests of any individual or company during his meetings with Kyiv.

REMINDER-Pompeo was the single largest recipient of campaign funds from Koch Bros in 2010. He came out of the same Wichita,Kansas, biz community where Koch family’s oil-and-gas conglomerate is headquartered. Pompeo built his own company with seed money from Koch Venture Capital.

A federal judge is reinstating the Obama administration’s ban on oil-and-gas drilling in vast portions of Arctic Ocean

So far Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke have eliminated two million acres from the nation’s protected areas, and offered another 11.6 million acres of largely wild public lands to oil-and-gas prospectors.

5 guiding principles for #OilandGas  companies to consider when developing a new digital business model.

She was naming lawmakers who took oil-and-gas money — so they barred her from the public hearing