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#Saudi govt is taking advantage of #Yemeni  missile/drone attacks today to drive oil prices higher. More Yemeni strikes = higher oil prices = greater revenue.

PIB: Rivers governor supports allocation of 10 per cent oil revenue to host communities

"Centre and states are loathing to bring crude oil products under GST as sales tax/VAT on petroleum products is a major source of tax revenue for them. Thus, there is lack of political will to bring crude under the ambit of GST," economists at SBI said.

PIB: Rivers governor supports allocation of 10 per cent oil revenue to host communities

PIB: Rivers governor supports allocation of 10 per cent oil revenue to host communities

$LKOH #LUKOIL  Oil company LUKoil Q4 21 Earnings Preview - Final DPS for 2020e expected to rebound to RUB 181: -Revenue and EBITDA are forecasted to decline qoq on lower throughput and higher expenses -Net income is expected to increase… #equity  #stocks 

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Prior to the pandemic-induced downturn, OPEC countries led by Saudi Arabia restrained their production, eager to bolster prices to fund national budgets dependent on oil revenue. Shale drillers took advantage, boosting U.S. output

Gotta love making basically no revenue (bc investors keep it all) and offering ESG funds only to be accused of killing planet. Nice job of FT twisting knife w the oil stack logo pic.. Vanguard tops list of world’s largest coal investors

Business and capital taxes would not necessarily need to be increased if U.S. policymakers were following the Scandinavian model. Business taxes are a less reliable source of revenue (unless your country is situated on top of oil).

Barrasso: Do you still think states should replace oil + gas royalties with taxes on sale of marijuana? (She's backed legalizing cannabis in NM to generate revenue.) Haaland: The point was we should diversify our funding streams. Barrasso: "Your preference is to turn to drugs."


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In a Senate ENR hearing I highlighted the value of resource based jobs. I also emphasized that the recent EOs from the Biden admin regarding oil & gas on federal lands have caused extreme anxiety for Alaskans who fear for their jobs & the state’s ability to generate revenue.

President Biden’s oil and gas lease moratorium on federal lands will erase billions of dollars in revenue that states use to fund education.

WSJ SCOOP: U.S. officials warned Iraq that it risks losing access to its account at the New York Fed, where international oil sale revenue is kept, if it moves to expel U.S. troops

The Texas Oil & Gas industry made history in 2019. More oil & gas was produced in the state than ever before. It brought in over $16 billion worth of tax revenue. It helps fund schools, roads & infrastructure in Texas. God has blessed Texas. #txlege 

. is applying maximum pressure on Iran. New sanctions on Iranian metal deny the regime critical revenue from leading exports. The maximum pressure campaign against the Iranian regime has now gone well beyond the re-imposition of oil sanctions.

Today, announced that the U.S. will grant ZERO EXCEPTIONS to all importers of Iranian oil, in order to deny the regime the revenue it needs to fund terrorism and violent wars abroad.

The Iranian regime—the world’s top sponsor of terror—gets most of its revenue from oil. Today, the Trump Administration is adding pressure to bring those oil exports to zero.

Under the President's leadership we have taken unprecedented steps to impose maximum pressure on Iran. We are going to ZERO waivers for oil exports from the corrupt Iranian regime, denying it the largest source of its revenue.

.: Because of the sanctions we are announcing today, will hav #Iran  zero oil revenue to spend on terrorism, missile proliferation, regional proxies, or a nuclear program.

Arab oil revenue has declined so steeply that oil price may have to be raised.Using Leontief matrices of our economy I infer danger for us