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Oil reached 'peak' prices, food still on the rise: Billionaire supermarket owner @MorningsMaria  @FoxBusiness 

With the conclusion of their three-day summit, G7 leaders have agreed to develop a price cap on Russianoil and provide billions in food assistance to avert a hunger crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

#CrudeOil a decent reversal can be seen from 112.5 Cmp 111.25

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Have You Registered Yet? Join the discussion 14 July, how Brazil can create new renewable energy opportunities while pressing ahead with offshore oil and gas projects. #renewableenergy  #cleanenergy  #offshorewindenergy 

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his country is looking at expanding energy infrastructure to help Europe over the “medium term” to transition away from Russianoil and gas

The leaders struck a united stance to support Ukraine for "as long as it takes" as Russia's invasion grinds on, and said they would explore far-reaching steps to cap Kremlin income from oil sales that are financing the war.

Norway helping plug Europeoil gap as Russian barrels head east $EQNR

If monetary policy has limited impact on inflation because the causes of inflation are some combo of 1) supply chain disruptions (zero covid policy collateral damage) 2) structural supply/demand issues in oil markets 3) Russia invasion worsening 2) And 1) is reversing … 🤔

Palm oil fell out of fashion because of deforestation concerns. But Russia’s war with Ukraine has forced food suppliers to use it again

Traders have been taking an even closer look at oil prices these days! How will today’s market themes affect #EURCAD ’s short-term range?


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The NRA buys off Congress. No action on guns. The oil industry buys off Congress. No action on climate. Insurance companies buy off Congress. No action on health care. Pharma buys off Congress. No action on drug prices. Money in politics is the root of our dysfunction.

Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately. Extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.

Since the weekend, oil prices have fallen by about 10 percent. Yet gas prices just hit a new high. This is exploitation by oil and gas companies – plain and simple. It needs to end. And Big Oil needs to be held accountable.

OIL IS NOW LESS THAN $100 A BARREL. What’s going on at the pump?

This woman was physically dragged from the microphone after announcing how much money West Virginia’s politicians get from oil companies

Just signed an order to protect fracking and the oil and gas industry. This means JOBS, low energy bills, and continued AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! Sleepy Joe would BAN fracking and destroy American energy jobs! He has NO clue!!

We will never let the great U.S. Oil & Gas Industry down. I have instructed the Secretary of Energy and Secretary of the Treasury to formulate a plan which will make funds available so that these very important companies and jobs will be secured long into the future!

Last week, Joe Biden made perhaps the most shocking admission ever uttered in the history of presidential debates. On live television, Joe Biden confirmed his plan to ABOLISH the entire U.S. Oil Industry—that means NO fracking, NO jobs, and NO energy for Pennsylvania Families!

Had a very good meeting with @kbsalsaud  of Saudi Arabia. We discussed Trade, Military, Oil Prices, Security, and Stability in the Middle East!