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Everything about WeWork is utterly odd. ✔️ It is a real estate company valued like a tech company ✔️ It is a young company with questionable economics ✔️ It is a company whose relationships with its chief executive requires 10 pages of disclosures

Odd choice. But definitely goes over better in a bar full of #Nats  fans than it did a year ago at this time.

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“It is odd that in some quarters there is more concern about some men’s rights to wolf-whistle, than women’s rights to live their lives free from sexist abuse.” #MisogynyHateCrime 

EXCLUSIVE: The 125-odd family members that control Cargill got the biggest payout ($643 million) since 2010 on the back of strong profits in the last couple of fiscal years | #OATT  with @MarioDParker  🌽 🌾 👩‍🌾 🌱🚜

OUR VIEW: As odd as it might sound at first blush — and America's purchase of Alaska also seemed very odd at the time — Americans of all political stripes would benefit from Greenland and its 56,000 inhabitants joining our national family.

‘Horizon is full of small miscommunications, unasked questions, odd tensions between Lopez and his scientific colleagues. He makes a point of recording them. In every section something unnerves him’ Benjamin Lytal on Barry Lopez:

Wahey! 🙌 Odd Dog Out is still available on @BBCiPlayer ! 🐶 Just what you need after #CBeebiesBedtime  schedule with @MoonAndMeHQ . 🌚❤️⭐️

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@AndrewCoulthard  @MikesandesSN  @AtheismInsighto  they're not. I don't believe you to be a rapist. Because I don't know you, and I wouldn't assume such a thing. But, because I don't know you, it would be odd for me to vouch for you and say I believe you to be a non rapist.

Fun Fact: Nothing yet on @joetsai1999  purchase in Hong Kong's @SCMP_Sport . That's odd. South China Morning Post is owned by Alibaba and its chairman is ... Joe Tsai.


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Call me crazy, but President Accused of Rape By Well Known Writer seems like the very definition of news? It's somewhat odd to me that it is not being covered in many places.

Odd. No one is in denial of America’s Aug 21 total solar eclipse. Like Climate Change, methods & tools of science predict it.

Odd how many Americans invoke the 2nd Amendment to justify gun ownership, rather than explore whether or not it's a good idea

See all 70 odd thousand of you later on @CapitalOfficial  summertime ball . Sun is out , line up is great , what more do ya need ?

The perennial cry to “Save Earth" is odd. Planet Earth survives massive asteroid strikes -- it'll survive anything we throw at it. But Life on Earth will not.

@moonlightlouis : niall looks miniature in that picture”those guys are 6 ft odd rugby players ! C'mon

@thebottlemen Odd reply to say I just complimented your record . Good luck trying to keep us 'lids' out the charts .

Twitter-obsessed posted 14 times about the terror attack on Muslims in New Zealand, but has posted nothing about the terror attack on Christians by Muslim extremists in Sri Lanka. Very odd.

Here we go. Biden Present at Russia Collusion Briefing Documented in ‘OddSusan Rice Email

Odd: Many who want less government in our lives nonetheless want the government to dictate who you sleep with & who you marry