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Instead of this fluff, Psaki could have been asked if Biden will stop using the Espionage Act to criminalize journalism and whistleblowing, as happened under Obama-Biden and Trump-Pence, but instead we get this.

Remember when members of the Obama-Biden administration actually investigated the incoming Trump-Pence administration because it was discussing potential policy changes with foreign officials? Now, apparently, that is OK again.

Not sure I’ve ever seen a more shameless lie than Pence saying that the Obama-Biden swine flu response, when 14,000 Americans died, is worse than the Trump-Pence response to covid, when 210,000 Americans have.

And if you don’t understand how the Trump/Pence policies were different from the Obama/Biden ones then you don’t understand anything and could use an editor

"On his first day in office, Biden will reinstate the Obama-Biden guidance revoked by the Trump-Pence Administration, which will restore transgender students’ access to sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity."

We're not really talking stock market tonight, but... Dow under Trump-Pence, today's close: UP 43.1%; +8536.41 points. Dow under Obama-Biden, this day their first term, (10/22/12 close): UP 67.9%; +5396.80 points. Dow under Obama-Biden, over 8 years: UP 149%; +11878.16 points.

Correct from VP: first 3 years of Trump Pence (pre-Covid) included 7 million new jobs. Not mentioned but also fact: last three years of Obama-Biden included 7.9 million new jobs.

"Trump likes to claim he built this economy, but America created 1.5 million more jobs in the last 3 years of the Obama-Biden administration than in the first 3 years of the Trump-Pence administration."

#Biden v. #Trump  on Manufacturing: Obama-Biden: Inherited Bush Great Recession 2010-15: Saved GM. Restored US manufacturing 2016: Launched new growth phase lasting through 2018 Trump-Pence: 2019: #Manufacturing  recession 2020: #TrumpCrashCr #FactsMatterash

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Jobs created in the last three years of the Obama-Biden administration: 8.1 million. Jobs created in the first three years of the Trump-Pence administration: 6.6 million. #RNC2020 .


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You cannot judge my Stock Market performance since the Inauguration, which was very good, but only from the day after the big Election Win, which was spectacular due to the euphoria of getting Obama/Biden OUT, & getting Trump/Pence IN. WentI up BIG between Nov. 9 & Inauguration!

Challenging Rep. Vernon Jones of Black Voices for Trump about his statements in regards to criminal justice reform under the Obama/Biden Administration and the Trump/Pence Administration. #PoliticsNation 

The right is trying to smear the person they think is the whistleblower by saying he "worked for Obama, Biden and Brennan." The same person would have also worked for Trump, Pence, Pompeo and Haspel.