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$OTLY - Oatly's High Valuation Leaves Little Margin For Error. #investing  #stockmarket  #economy 

@rosemcgowan  @bloodmoonscrip1  @OprahOprah  won't respond to me why she invested in this shady oat milk company called Oatly that is spreading a potentially misleading narrative about its sugars, recyclability and sustainability claims among many other things

The parallels here are uncanny as a case study for companies + investors that think doing business with Starbucks $SBUX is the holy grail. Almost an identical set-up with $SQ at IPO that resulted in huge losses + deal termination as it is with $OTLY Oatly

Glebe partially recreated Oatly’s 2017 Superbowl commercial, which saw the plant based giant's CEO Toni Petersson playing a keyboard in a field of oats

So Q3 is 2/3rd over, $OTLY Oatly gave no guidance, but now we see their #oatmilk  being discounted at mass market, low cost retailer Target $TGT - and yet still it wasn't sold out while competitor Silk was gone. So much demand and being discounted at a discount retail... #skeptic 

We still have received no response from $OTLY Oatly to any of our open questions. Notably, what is going so terribly wrong in #Sweden ? Check out what we found. We estimate production is down 16% and claims of capacity expansion continue to fall short #skeptic  #oatmilk  #oat  #milk 

In what appeared to be a semi-humorous response to the video, Oatly seemed to threaten Glebe with further legal action

The video sees Glebe’s co-owner Philip Rayner run over a keyboard in an oat field – a motif used in Oatly’s high-profile 2017 Superbowl advert

Chobani now attacking $OTLY Oatly sustainable packaging practices


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Billion dollar oat milk firm Oatly sues small UK farmer for calling his oat milk 'Oaty' and using blue in its packaging - spot the difference!

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Shares of Oatly soared 30 percent on Thursday as investors jumped at the chance to take part in rapid changes in the food industry driven by consumer tastes shifting to plant-based products.

Oatly, the Swedish oat milk producer, is about to go public in an offering that could value it at $10 billion. And to justify that frothy valuation, it will have to convince investors it can dominate in a market with plenty of competition.

Oat milk is going public. Sweden’s Oatly is reportedly considering an IPO at a valuation of as much as $5 billion. Investors include: ✨Oprah Winfrey ✨Jay-Z ✨Natalie Portman Is this the end of semi-skimmed milk?

Oatly was giving out t-shirts earlier today – before announcing they would air a #SuperBowl  commercial – with the phrase “I totally hated that Oatly commercial”

Perspective: The 5 worst Super Bowl commercials, from Dolly Parton’s betrayal to that awkward Oatly jingle

Oatly's investors include Oprah, Jay-Z and Natalie Portman. But instead it went with its singing CEO.

Oatly is placing bets on both sides here. #SuperBowlAds 

Activists sour on vegan milk brand Oatly after investor deal is linked to Blackstone