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Elaine Welteroth, former editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue and NYT bestsellling author, opens up about redefining success in her next chapter and why she believes owning her identity has been her ultimate career edge.

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Why did Rudy Giuliani, told he was being investigated by federal authorities for his work in Ukraine, tell the NYT he was there "representing the President of the United States"? Here's what one of the NYT reporters on the story thinks.

Everything you need to know about the NYT guy who will be co-moderating Tuesday’s debate, the estimable @marclacey . By @LaraTakenaga 

The violent video showing a fake Trump murdering journalists and lawmakers has been up on YouTube for more than a year. And the video made its way to a pro-Trump conference at Doral last week, per the NYT.

ICYMI==> Reporter from @reason  adds some context to the NYT piece on the 'Kingsman' meme video that aired at Trump's Doral resort

The “Trumpsman" parody video was first posted on YouTube in July 2018 - NYT singled it out at the AMPfest conference featuring pro-Trump memes over the weekend

The NYT reported a graphically violent parody video, shown at a meeting of President Donald Trump's supporters at his Miami resort, depicted a likeness of the president shooting & stabbing his opponents & members of the news media in a church. church.

So per the NYT story quoting the head of the pro-Trump PAC, the shooting meme was just one meme presented at this conference. What were the others? Were any critical of Trump? What was the methodology for selecting memes?

$BA (-0.2% pre) Boeing’s Board Acted After Months of Mounting Pressure - NYT

Meme of Trump killing foes and media shown at his Florida resort, NYT reports

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Wow -- NYT publisher says the Trump administration was prepared to sit back and allow one of its journalists to be arrested in Egypt. So the paper turned to the reporter's native Ireland for help, and it was those diplomats who got him out -- not the US.

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New tonight: Given NYT has now made details on Russian spy public, I can now report additional info we had withheld. Asset had direct access to Vladimir Putin, including the remarkable ability to take photos of presidential documents, and had served US for more than a decade. 1/

-Brennan leaked the Dossier to Harry Reid -Comey leaked to NYT -Clapper lied under oath -McCabe lied 3 times, faces criminal referral -Strzok claims he wasn’t biased -Rice blamed Benghazi on a video If they still have a security clearance, of course they should lose it!

Number of Americans killed on battlefields in all wars in history: 1,396,733 Killed by firearms in the US since 1968: 1,516,863 (NYT)

Let’s see. You’re on the editorial board of the NYT. You respond to any view you don’t like, not with facts or reason, but w/ ad hominem attack. And you seem dismayed that I linked to Douglass’s entire speech, so readers can judge for themselves. You represent your employer well.

.: Reminder that the president's top aide just told NYT that the press should keep its mouth shut. No.

Pulitzer to my NYT colleagues for proving that Trump probably committed criminal tax fraud and that he is daddy-made, not self-made, to the tune of many hundreds of millions of dollars. If you did't read it then, please read it now.

At this point, the NYT could release Trump leaving a voice message thanking Putin for his services and GOP would still say “nothing burger”

-NYT reports (McCabe memos) Rosenstein discussed recording the President -FBI Chief Counsel Jim Baker: Rosenstein was serious about recording POTUS -McCabe memos subpoenaed by Congress Rosenstein won’t turn over memos, and he’s a no-show for tomorrow’s scheduled questioning.

Kavanaugh has said TWICE, under oath, that he first learned about the warrantless surveillance program when the NYT reported it in 2005. Here is an email about the program that he wrote in 2001 to John Yoo, the legal architect of the program