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Less Than One In Eight Excessive Force Complaints Are Substantiated, NYPDComplaint Data Shows

Has the #NYPD  been defunded? Widespread reports of 911 not being answered during #Isaias 

Off-duty NYPD cop saves emotionally disturbed woman on his way to work

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#NYPD cop arrested for the second time in less than a week via @nypmetro 

NYPD officer charged with assault for allegedly punching estranged wife in chest, head, shoulder

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Pedestrian hit, killed while trying to cross Bronx expressway: NYPD

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Williamsburg building collapses with no reported injuries: NYPD


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NYPD detective Jeremiah Williams has been accused of anally penetrating 4 different detainees; had 60 complaints and 11 lawsuits filed against him in the last decade. Never disciplined, received 13 pay raises and a big promotion

NYPD officer used an illegal chokehold on a black man this morning in Far Rockaway, NY — and only stopped because another cop realized they were being filme. They choked him out...

At age 23, Sean Bell had his entire life planned out. A young father dedicated to his family & friends. In the early hours of what would've been his wedding day, his life was cut short when the NYPD fired 50 rounds at him. This is his story.

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NYPD. Protecting and serving.

BREAKING: The entire #NYPD  anti-crime unit (plainclothes officers) is being eliminated.

We love our Law Enforcement Officers all around this great Country. What took place in NYC with water being tossed on NYPD officers was a total disgrace. It is time for @NYCMayor  @MayorBdB  to STAND UP for those who protect our lives and serve us all so well...

So sad to see what is happening in New York where Governor Cuomo & Mayor DeBlasio are letting out 900 Criminals, some hardened & bad, onto the sidewalks of our rapidly declining, because of them, city. The Radical Left Dems are killing our cities. NYPDCommissioner is resigning!

Breaking: NYS Judge James Burke rules NYPD can now keep anyone (peaceful protestors arrested for curfew and criminal looters) detained for over 24 hours given these are extraordinary times. “It’s a crisis within a crisis", he said. "All writs are denied, BK, BX and manhattan"

Pair of Brooklyn lawyers including Ivy League corporate attorney charged in Molotov cocktail attack on NYPD cruiser

Sorry, but I need to start off this day with a non-sports related matter. Watching these videos of kids throwing buckets of water at the NYPD is just flat-out inexcusable. And we all need to speak out AGAINST this. We are really losing ourselves if we find any of this okay!!!!