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US NRC approves Indian Point #nuclear  plant license transfer to Holtec * Transfer effective upon 2021 shut down of Indian Point-3 * Opponents seek NRC hearings @JAndersonEnergy  story:

NRCOKs transfer of Entergy New York nuke plant license via SeekingAlpha #news  #SeekingAlpha 

NRC has apologised to passengers that boarded the Abuja-Kaduna train which broke down due to a failed locomotive along the route on Saturday

Abuja-Kaduna train incident caused by failed locomotive ― NRC

Abuja-Kaduna train incident caused by failed locomotive ― NRC  #vanguardnews 

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#Ethiopian refugees fleeing to #Sudan  from conflict in #Tigray  region facing dire conditions: #NRC  #TigrayCrisis 

Owaisi calls NPR first step towards NRC, says it will lead to India's poor being marked as 'doubtful citizens'

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#WATCH The full clip of the incident where a woman named Amulya at an anti-CAA-NRC rally in Bengaluru raised slogan of 'Pakistan zindabad' today. AIMIM Chief Asaddudin Owaisi present at rally stopped the woman from raising the slogan; He has condemned the incident.

In solidarity with protestors against CAA and NRC

CAA by itself not the issue. But CAA+NRC is discriminatory. This could happen. NRC: All prove again u r IndianNon-Muslim: sir I don’t have documents Govt: it’s ok. CAA will save you. U are indian. Muslim: sir I don’t have documents Govt: too bad.U are not indian.Get out.

Woman protester breaks down while speaking to NDTV's Ravish Kumar at Delhi's #ShaheenBagh  #CAA  #NRC 

Saying “NRC will definitely come” and then saying “but did I show u details yet?” is like saying “you will have to marry where I ask you to” and then saying “but did I show you any boys yet?” Be clear. If it is not coming, shelve it. Restore peace and order.

Time to see obvious. Put CAA aside, officially. Major communication gaps. Announce NRC won’t come, as execution issues, anxiety created and the chances of abuse means we are not ready for it. Focus on upcoming budget. It’s not worth it. Can’t let a country burn to save ego.

CAA is a life jacket. NRC is everyone being pushed out of the plane as they have to prove themselves all over again. But Muslims don’t get the life jacket. Distributing life jackets is not the problem. Giving them only to a few and pushing everyone off the plane is.

Rajinikanth: Citizenship Amendment Act will not affect any citizen of our country, if it affects Muslims then I will be the first person to stand up for them. NPR is a necessity to find out about the outsiders. It has been clarified that NRC has not been formulated yet.

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#WATCH A shopkeeper in Yavatmal uses Red Chilli powder to stop the agitators protesting against CAA, NRC and NPR from shutting her shop today during Bharat Bandh called by multiple organisations. #Maharashtra 

No free Netflix No "lonely friends" Just NO to CAA-NRC-NPR Hum Bharat Ke Log launches missed call campaign against divisive, discriminatory Citizenship. Missed call 7787060606 #7787060606_NoToCAA 

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