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Biden: The fact of the matter is there is institutional racism in America. Note: President Trump has not used the terms institutional racism or systemic racism. Trump now repeating w/ the "possible" exception of Lincoln, he has done more for black ppl than other presidents.

Note to pundits: Try to avoid this headline, "Area Arsonist Doesn't Light Fire Tonight."

Joe Biden: Kids were ripped from parents arms and now they can't find more than 500 parents. Adds: "It's criminal. It's criminal" Trump: "They are so well taken care of." Note: Even "well taken care of" kids are still separated from their parents & a number are with strangers.

President Trump knocking Dr. Fauci again: I think he's a Democrat but that's OK. He is allowed to make mistakes. Note: Dr. Fauci has worked for six presidents -- Republican and Democrat. He is largely regarded as not political and focused on science.

Trump says he had a bank account in China but then closed it before he ran for president. Note: The foreign account does not show up on Trump’s public financial disclosures, where he must list personal assets bc they are held under corporate names.

Small matter in the grand scheme, but I note that Barrett refused to answer my QFRs about administrative, not judicial, matters at the Court. That’s stretching the no comment rule outside its bounds. They don’t care; they know their donors have it greased.

“Liza is not afraid of this statement from Gen. Parlade. Though I must state that we take note of the general’s advice, unsolicited as it may sound,” Soberano’s legal counsel Atty. Juanito Lim Jr. said. | @cgonzalesINQ 

Punjab: A 41-year-old man allegedly died by suicide reportedly after killing his wife and two children in Bathinda's Green City area yesterday. A purported suicide note has been recovered. Matter under investigation.

END/ Alright, that concludes this week's episode of really nothingburger vague accusations! Quick reminder and programming note: The WSJ editorial board "obtained" these documents presumably bc the news division wouldn't cover the story. Yay for journalism!

Feds: Man threatened to have U.S. Senator shot in head in a note from prison


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Why has the United States handled this pandemic so badly? The Editorsnote that although we came into this crisis with enormous advantages, our current political leaders have demonstrated that they are dangerously incompetent.

As Pam Bondi accuses the Bidens of nepotism, note the GOP speaker lineup beneath her.

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Please note that the words "nasty," "shrill," and "strident" are never used to describe male politicians.

I'd like to start off the day by saying a big fuck you to 'the mirror' :) on a happier note huge love to all out fans, you keep us going!!

@TomTheWanted @Louis_Tomlinson  hey Tom lets talk about your singing your amazing tone pierces my ears with every note :/

stop worrying about what others think and start taking care of how you feel 💙🙏🏼 *note to self* 🥰 ✨

The first step to stop bullying? Kindness. On #FriendshipDay , join @BTS_twt  and show you care ? ? Leave a kind note for someone - online or IRL ? Share it with #ENDviolence  #BTSLoveMyself 

awww heres a cute snap on this note im off to beddd

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The note was a national fucking disaster

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Little man just finished his football season and wrote his coach a note saying “thanks”. This is the Twitter content I’m here for...?????