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Marcel - @OneDapperStreet  - is giving us some nostalgia with this #ChupaChups  tee! 😍 SO GOOD! #HMLeague 

Maybe it’s nostalgia for family vacations and childhood summers, but August feels like the perfect time for a road trip—and the perfect road trip needs a soundtrack.

Town is auctioning off its old street signs in a major win for nostalgia

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Hearing all of @Jeezy  classic adlibs on this album is dope... #nostalgia 

On the latest #TWC9  on @ch9 , I cover the new Microsoft Edge Beta, PowerShell 7 Preview 3, Python Support for Azure Functions, Nostalgia'>Encarta Nostalgia, and of course @taylorswift13 

Perhaps it’s a craving for camaraderie in the digital age, perhaps it’s the unique experience that other venues can’t offer, perhaps it’s the simple nostalgia.

TWC9: PowerShell 7 Preview 3, Microsoft Edge Beta, GitHub For Students, Nostalgia'>Encarta Nostalgia and more | This Week On Channel 9

If reliving that sweet sweet nostalgia in beautiful 4k is crazy, then heck yeah.


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I had the privilege of writing about @Harry_Styles  as a young pup for @AnotherMan  magazine (expect nostalgia and pr…

Nostalgia came over me today when standing exactly where we launched 50 years ago at the @NASAKennedy  Space Cnt on #Apollo11  to complete a mission set forth by John F. Kennedy to land man on the Moon and return him safely. I am happy to stand here today to say: Mission Completed

an evening spent listening to anime opening themes on youtube and crying with nostalgia i am a weeb mess that needs to be deleted

i overheard your theory 'nostalgia's for geeks!' i guess sir,if you say so some of us just like to read APPLAUSE 8.19 #11daysTillApplause 

Nostalgia 2011 Best moment of our life.. Same day same place we become the world champions thanks for each and everyone for believing and supporting us.. love to all from us 😘❤

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I'm thoroughly sick of Leavers using WW 2 nostalgia in the context of Brexit. We never stood alone - our finest hour was achieved with the help of 15 other nationalities.

the Palm trees and the ocean and the sun here remind me so much of living in Cuba and i feel this mix of nostalgia and peace and bliss

Went to my old apt last night. Nostalgia is magical. Even better celebrating at the bar I turned 21 in. #samefriends 

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Taking a trip to nostalgia! There is no bigger joy then reuniting with your family & the force of reunion is unstoppable! 💪 #Chennai  here we come to make the celebration of 378 years even more special! 💥 #IPLRetention  #CSK  #WhistlePodu