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I am back watching council and Pasternak is now talking about his so-called "North York Relief Line"

Join us in welcoming members of New York Task Force 1 back from North Carolina after spending the last two weeks assisting in rescue and relief efforts following #HurricaneFlorence . Your dedication to serving others in #NYC  and beyond is unmatched! #NYPDprotecting 

More than 80 members of the New York Task Force-1 left for North Carolina on the anniversary of Sept. 11 to help with hurricane rescue and relief efforts.

Pasternak has been trying to get council to focus on a “North York relief line” for some time despite transit experts saying the relief line from Pape to Queen is the highest priority. Here is Mayor John Tory’s executive committee supporting his efforts:

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It took 10 hours, but Pasternak has raised the so-called North York Relief Line. "I realize this project is not cheap." Estimates $3B

OK, here we go. Pasternak asks staff to look at connecting Yonge & University lines across the middle - a "North York Relief Line."