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FOX4 got a look inside the North Texas Regional Forensic Computer Laboratory’s new home.​

Areas all the way from South Texas to North Carolina can expect some downpours through the middle of the week. However, the heaviest rainfall totals will focus on parts of far eastern Texas and into Louisiana and southern Mississippi and Alabama:

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McLennan baseball’s Logan Henderson won Pitcher of the Year honors from the North Texas Junior CollegeAthletic Conference Tuesday, highlighting five first-team all-conference honors for the Highlanders.

Former Patients Fight For Stronger Laws After North Texas Doctor Accused Of Assault Walks Free

A few April existing home inventory data points month-to-month compared to last month (March): Denver: Up 35% Las Vegas: Down 1% Northwest: Up 35% North Texas: Up 13% Atlanta: Down 6% Boston: Up 18% New Hampshire: Up 18% Portland: Up 14%

11:35am - Additional showers and storms have now developed along and west of I-35 in North Texas. All storms remain sub-severe at this moment, but the potential for severe storms will increase this afternoon. Make sure to remain weather aware today! #dfwwx  #ctxwx  #txwx 

North Texas Parents Consider Whether Or Not To Have Their 12 To 15-Year-Olds Vaccinated Against COVID-19

FOX4 got a look inside the North Texas Regional Forensic Computer Laboratory’s new home.​


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This week anti-trans bills moved forward in: ▪️ Alabama ▪️ Arkansas ▪️ Arizona ▪️ Florida ▪️ North Dakota ▪️ Texas This is an assault on our bodies and our lives.

Biden said he is going to “transition out of (fracking) by 2025”. I hope Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oklahoma, North Dakota, and all of the rest were listening last night. High energy prices, massive jobs losses! Vote Trump.

If you live in Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina or Florida or anywhere. Anywhere at all. Check to see if you’re registered to vote. You might have been purged. Check it now.

Our job is to defeat these cowards in November. Every single one of them who is up. If you live in Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina, Texas, Kentucky- it’s time to suit up.

It has been suggested that we should rename as many as 10 of our Legendary Military Bases, such as Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas, Fort Benning in Georgia, etc. These Monumental and very Powerful Bases have become part of a Great American Heritage, and a...

#SuperM successfully raised the curtains of their North American Tour with ‘SuperM #WeAreTheFutureLive  In Fort Worth’, their first concert in Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, showing off their perfect synergy! Stay tuned for their next show in Chicago on Nov 13! @SuperM_smtown 

Trump underwater in... - Wisconsin (by 10) - North Carolina (by 9) - Virginia (by 17) - Utah (by 3) - Pennsylvania (by 12) - Texas (by 1) - New Hampshire (by 26) (not a typo) - Michigan (by 11) - Iowa (by 4) - Arizona (by 9) Wait... Utah?

On Monday I will present the Governor's Medal of Courage to man who stopped a gunman in a deadly shooting at a church in North Texas. It is the highest award given to civilians by the Governor.

A North Texas kindergarten class has a daily morning routine of shaking hands, making eye contact and smiling every day when they start class.

The biggest #boyband  in the world is coming to North Texas this #weekend ! It's ! Watch 's story tonight at 10 on NBC 5! Spread the word, ! #BTSArmy