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Powerball jackpot reaches $523M after no one wins Wednesday’s top prize

Joseph Stiglitz is one of 17 Nobel Prize-winning economists who signed an open letter in support of Biden’s Build Back Better Plan — here's why he thinks Congress should pass the reconciliation bill

Powerball jackpot reaches $523M after no one wins Wednesday’s top prize

The Thursday night Powerball prize is back to base after someone nabbed a whopping $10 million jackpot last week.

Meet Li Kotomi, a young author whose novel set on an island where gender roles are reversed recently won the Akutagawa Prize.

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Forex trading is a craft that demands a certain level of discipline. Not only do you have to stick to a set of trading rules, you also have to be able to keep your eyes on the prize at all times. This is what seasoned traders refer to as self-discipline.

If nobody picked all six numbers correctly Wednesday, the jackpot is headed toward a half-billion dollar prize.

It was the first jackpot win for Mega Millions since June 8. There's another big lottery prize up for grabs still with Wednesday night's Powerball drawing.

Johnny Depp decries 'cancel culture' before receiving San Sebastian's top prize


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Am donating $100M towards a prize for best carbon capture technology

BREAKING: Kendrick Lamar has won the Pulitzer Prize for music for "DAMN" the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the award.

We were beaten, we were tear-gassed. I thought I was going to die on this bridge. But somehow and some way, God almighty helped me here. We cannot give up now. We cannot give in. We must keep the faith, keep our eyes on the prize.

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nobel prize'>Eighty-one Nobel Prize winners endorsed Joe Biden for president in an open letter on Wednesday, citing the former vice president's "willingness to listen to experts" and his "deep appreciation for using science to find solutions."

The “Trump Doctrine” earns President Trump a third Nobel Peace Prize Nomination! @LouDobbs 

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize following Israel-UAE accord via @nypost 

She has 2 Nobel prizes, I have 2 Diamond albums, we're practically the same person

Im proud to support @WarChildUK  in helping to raise crucial funds to protect vulnerable children facing Coronavirus in war zones. Follow the link below to enter the prize draw to win a one on one video call with me -    #KeepThemSafe 

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Wait...I’m was trending again??? Ok then-JUSTICE for Breonna Taylor!!! Justice for Oluwatoyin Salau!!!! Justice for Sandra Bland!!!!! Loving ourselves and each other is respectful and uplifting; supportive. EYES ON THE PRIZE, LOVE VILLAGE, EYES ON THE PRIZE.

Does anybody get the meaning of what a so-called Noble (not Nobel) Prize is, especially as it pertains to Reporters and Journalists? Noble is defined as, “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.” Does sarcasm ever work?