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He spoke in a televised address six months after the army seized power from a civilian government after disputed elections won by Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi's ruling party, which he described as "terrorists". #jakpost 

"Globalisation has tripled Indian GDP in a generation, an amazing accomplishment, ..but the workers of India have been left out," eminent economist and Nobel laureate Eric Maskin said

“The World Ahead” podcast imagines a scenario from the year 2036, in which an AI wins the Nobel prize in medicine. How could it happen?

Ahead of the first anniversary of JohnHume's death, The Irish News speaks to the Nobel laureate's youngest daughter Mo Hume about grief, losing a loved one during the pandemic, and her father's extraordinary legacy.

… One of the most pressing challenges facing Pres. Biden & top health officials is how to get more ppl vaccinated. Can behavioral science help leaders convince the public? I’ll talk w/ “Nudge” coauthor & Nobel-winning behavioral economist @R_Thaler  …

Globalisation tripled India GDP but workers have been left out: Nobel laureate Eric Maskin

Who did Ernest Hemmingway wish had won the Nobel Prize for Literature instead of him? Listen to the stories of some of Europe's most intriguing figures on Great European Lives with @charlieconnelly 

What is the biggest social cost today? Find the answers in Chief Market Strategist Stephen Dover’s interview w/ Nobel Economist@JosephEStiglitz  in our final session of the @greentempleton  series on “The Way Forward: Navigating the COVID Challenge”:

With the rapid growth of digital platforms threatening to make child sex trafficking even more lucrative, the world must take urgent action to combat this appalling crime, wrote Nobel Peace Prize laureate @k_satyarthi  in 2019. #EndHumanTrafficking 

On “The World Ahead” podcast: - How personalised nutrition could transform health care - Imagining other uses for mRNA - What if an AI won the Nobel prize for medicine?


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This guy, who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR test, is saying what so many of us have been thinking for a while now. Inventor of PCR Test Said Fauci 'Doesn't Know Anything' And Is Willing To Lie On Television - National File

BREAKING NEWS: The nobel committee'>Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Programme (WFP). #NobelPrize  #NobelPeacePrize 

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nobel prize'>Eighty-one Nobel Prize winners endorsed Joe Biden for president in an open letter on Wednesday, citing the former vice president's "willingness to listen to experts" and his "deep appreciation for using science to find solutions."

Trump is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping broker peace between Jews and Arabs in contravention of genocidal Iranian anti-Semitism. So Twitter trends Adolf Hitler, comparing him to Trump. Good stuff, all.

The “Trump Doctrine” earns President Trump a third Nobel Peace Prize Nomination! @LouDobbs 

"Indeed, Trump has broken a 39-year-old streak of American Presidents either starting a war or bringing the United States into an international armed conflict." @realDonaldTrump  has been nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize following Israel-UAE accord via @nypost 

She has 2 Nobel prizes, I have 2 Diamond albums, we're practically the same person

Does anybody get the meaning of what a so-called Noble (not Nobel) Prize is, especially as it pertains to Reporters and Journalists? Noble is defined as, “having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals.” Does sarcasm ever work?